Jan 042013

The Simpsons: Tapped Out players are now ending the final stages of their Christmas update for the game. The Christmas event will end soon and that means all of the limited Christmas items will disappear from purchasing in the game. If you’ve already owned some of the items then these items will remain, however if you don’t you won’t be able to purchase them.

Santa Coins

Santa Coins will be gone when the event ends and any unused Santa Coins will disappears so it is recommended that you make most out of your Santa Coins by using them before they expire. It is just like the Halloween currency that disappeared after the event, the same thing will happen with these Santa Coins.

That being said, the developers have released an item to help you use those Santa coins.

Mystery Stockings

This Mystery Stocking allows players to use their Santa Coins and was developed specifically for players with surplus coins to gain more donuts in their game. This item will give players a chance at getting donuts or a Reindeer decoration using 50 Santa Coins.

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Christmas Update Ending

When does the Christmas Event End?

The Christmas event for Tapped Out is expected to end on January 10th 2013. The developers have noted this when they’ve revealed the Mystery Stockings. Please see image above.

All in all, the Tapped Out Christmas event is coming to an end so be sure to use all those Santa Coins before they’re gone!

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