Dec 022012

Remember the Cool Brown House we mentioned a couple of days ago? Well today! You can complete a quest with Homer in the Cool Brown House and get the Cool Homer costume! How cool is that?!

If you haven’t already gotten this costume for your Tapped Out game then be sure to login to get this Cool Homer Costume because it might be just here for a limited time (specifically today). Regardless of when it expires, if you know you can get the costume free then why wait?

Please note, you must have the Cool Brown House to get this costume for Homer. Homer will do Part 2 of the quest in the Cool Brown House where you will send him into the house and he will come out with this new costume for your city. This new costume has new treats like tasks and of course there are different quests that are unlocked specifically for the costume.

What does this new Cool Homer look like? (SEE HOMER HERE)

The Cool Homer Costume wears navy blue pants with what appears to be a lighter blue tie or scarf….actually we’ve finalized it as a scarf. He has a chain on the left side of his pants and wears a hat.

A better visual understanding would be the picture below but if you can’t access the picture for whatever then please imagine with the details above.

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Cool Homer

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  1. I don’t have a comment

  2. So

  3. I just want to get the cool Homer simpson

  4. I just want the Homer Simpson with the chain around his pants!How do you get him?

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