Dec 272012

Have you heard of Gil from The Simpsons: Tapped Out? Well if you haven’t then it’s time to login and take a look at the Gil character – and donuts. EA has released some brand new offers for players looking to stock up on donuts and blast through the game without the need to worry about donuts. Well not exactly but you get more donuts for your buck. How much? well check it out in your game.

When you login to the game you’ll also see the character “Gil” telling you about this event bonus and he will stick around your city. We’re not sure if he is here for keeps or just here to show you the discounts on the donuts but hes definitely a new character to look at. After investigating, hes not in the “Character Collection” so he’ll probably be gone after the holidays so definitely take a look at the character and the design before hes gone.

If you are looking for news on the Christmas holiday updates then be sure to check out our Simpsons Tapped Out page for the Christmas holidays. We’ve covered most of the special updates and quests in the game for you to check out and it’s definitely one update you don’t want to miss, especially all the cool Christmas items!

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Gil and donuts


  • Grandy Frank

    Just had a game update and Gil has gone.

  • saddo

    how do you unlock duff beer race-car???

  • saddo

    wat do you do to unlock duff race car

    • Francisco

      It was a limited offer

    • Mocha

      It was limited time because of season 24 of The Simpsons.

  • Kate

    Need Santa coins for SLH add me


  • Troy McClure

    Need friends. Add wrbook

  • daan


  • lewis

    need a freind add bristolcity123

  • lewis

    when does the offer end or has it ended now

  • Garry

    Add gazlauder

  • sandrajayy

    add up SandraJayy

  • anon

    download bluestacks and create a google account. even if you have ios you can use your origin account to log into the game. download apk 4.2.4 for tapped out and go nuts. i got all the old stuff since i just started playing last month. all the characters and premium buildings. plus free donuts and money. its awesome

  • jjjol

    i dont understand! Every time I’ve pressed Gil and he’s done talking the game freezes and shuts down. WHY?