Mar 092013

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is now in St. Patrick’s gear with the St. Patrick’s Day event! There brand new items available in your game and some of which are available for only a limited time.

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Leprechaun

In this update you’ll find one brand new character building (unlocks a character) and one premium building that unlocks a premium character for your game. You’ll also see a brand new decoration in the game. All of these are based on the theme of St. Patrick’s day except for the 50Ft Magnifying Glass and is available for a limited time, so be sure to get your item of luck before they disappear.

One of the buildings you will definitely want to pick up is the O’ Flanagan’s Pub because it will unlock the character Tom O’ Flanagan into your game. The great part is, the building is inexpensive, so treat it like a gift from the developers. The Wishing Well is a premium item on the other hand and will unlock the Leprechaun but please keep in mind that this character does not have any job.

List of items for St. Patrick’s Day Event

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  1. Add me please: JohnDMcClane

  2. There is also a four-leaf clover topiary that O’Flanagan and Willie give you during the course of the St. Patrick’s storyline.

  3. Iff you tap the leprechaun it wil give you 6$ or 2 xp it’ll go on a run and when walking again you can tap him over and over, after 10 taps or so he’ll give you 25 xp

    You can add me dradem0

  4. Good

  5. Do the right thing. Add Cody8804

  6. I am up to level 11 and have been instructed to reach level 10 and build willies shack but it is still locked. What to do?

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