Oct 062012

Halloween is right around the corner near the end of this month and The Simpsons: Tapped Out has just made an exclusive update for this specific event.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Update 3.0.0 Screenshot 1

We’re pretty excited to see brand new content added into the Simpsons: Tapped Out and players will definitely not be disappointed with this brand new update. Perhaps the biggest change you’ll notice for the game is that the splash screen has changed completely to fit the spooky and scary theme of Halloween.

The juice of this update is that there are limited time characters, buildings and quests. You’ll also have new characters like Edna and Otto Mann (premium character).

A note on the previous character Nelson, is that the cost for building the Muntz House been lowered (thank heavens).

The Simpsons Tapped Out Update 3.0.0 Screenshot 2

Notes on the Halloween Stuff in The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Our game hasn’t shown how to get the new features specified in the update notes yet (Oct. 2rd 2012, 6PM EST). We’ll update as soon as they stream the update worldwide.

The content is probably locked until a certain time or. We’re not happy about downloading 127MB of data for this game. Definitely not bandwidth friendly for mobile wireless users


That was quick. Just 30 minutes after the update, it seems many of the Halloween items have been unlocked in your game! Including a mini game! Check them out in your game!


You need to ensure Homer is free and has a bubble for the Quest. He will say “Halloween is coming! Let’s crank up the “spooky” factor around here by building the Springfield Cemetery!”

The Simpsons Tapped Out Update 3.0.0 Screenshot 6

The Simpsons Tapped Out Update 3.0.0 Screenshot 7

There is also a hidden message for players watching The Simpsons below to getting some really secret exclusive stuff.

“And don’t forget to watch Treehouse of Horrors XXIII to find a clue to unlocking a new outfit for Homer and 10 free donuts.”

You can get the update in the link below

Get the update here (iTunes Link)

What’s New in Version 3.0.0

Get your fingers ready to save the Simpsons from hordes of roaming undead, because the Treehouse of Horror update is packed with Zombies. It’s also got new limited time characters, buildings and spooky quests for you to devour. And don’t forget to watch Treehouse of Horrors XXIII to find a clue to unlocking a new outfit for Homer and 10 free donuts.

Check out what’s new:

• New Characters – Do a “diddily deal” with Devil Flanders, ride a broom with Marge the Witch, or enslave earthlings with Kang.

• New Buildings – Incubate Zombies in the Springfield Cemetery, summon demons with the Heck House, or sell some cursed frogurt in the House of Evil.

• UFO – Build a Giant Space Laser and show those aliens once and for all who’s boss.

• Mysterious Artifacts – Find mysterious artifacts and uncover the secrets of the Ancient Mayan Calendar.

• Zombies – Squish Zombies as they escape from Springfield Cemetery before they can turn your favorite Simpsons characters into the walking dead!

Update now to celebrate Halloween and collect all the toilet paper and eggs to really make a mess of your friend’s Springfield! Make sure to like us on Facebook for the latest on all things The Simpsons: Tapped Out. NOTE: Your device must be updated to iOS firmware 4.3 or later to play.


Tapped Out – Halloween Pages

Treehouse of Horror XXIII Characters



  • Jaden

    It past 30 minutes nothing has changed I’m using this on my iPad 2 can you help or give me advice.

    • Loala

      The answer to October 7th quiz is the ZUNE !!!!!!

    • rai101

      How do I change my characters costume???

      • littlemac52

        tap on them and it should show it

  • Jaden

    It’s didn’t work it past 30 minutes and nothing happen on my iPad 2 can you help and give me advice please because I really want to have a appertunity to do these please.

    • Leon

      You need to make sure to tap on Homer to activate the Halloween.

  • Gould

    It says the trees, decorations etc are limited time. Do you think it’s only limited to acquire or to use during the event. I wanna make a massive Halloween section in my Springfield, if it permanently stays there all year around that would be good. I’m Australian also, without any cable tv. Are you going to update us on the secret message? Thanks

  • JON

    I want to know about the artiffacts, where can you get them?

    • Praise Jebus

      First you have to build the pet cemetery. There will be a little event with Homer and Lisa. You will receive your first two of the seven pieces by squashing zombie pets. From what is said it seems that you will get more by squashing more zombies. A zombie will also tell you twice to watch the treehouse of horror episode on October 7th so maybe that will have some clue to finishing it.

    • Anthony

      Pretty sure you get the artifacts after you squish zombies.
      Also if you want more pieces of candy, you can earn it by sending the kid characters trick or treating

      • Praise Jebus

        Yeah but that takes 16 hours for one piece. It’s much faster to take the eggs and TP you get from zombie squashing and go make a mess of your neighbors Springfield. It’s good for them too because cleaning the mess helps their righteousness rating. If you want to spend donuts the wicked treat boxes often give you lots of candy or you can by the witch costume for Marge. Witch marge is the BEST character ever! Everything she does earns 1 candy so you could get a piece an hour is you like but she can also use magic to speed up your crops, helping you earn way more money!

        • Praise Jebus

          P.S. If you speed up witch Marge in the middle of her crop speeding spell that just stops the spell and the time on your crops goes back to normal.

  • Keenanschaff

    I got it all downloaded and it rocks just have same problem want to build a big section but don’t want to spend donuts and then wake up after hollowween and every thing is gone

  • Rach

    How do I get ned the devil?

  • Trav

    Is there any way to buy the treats? Or a glitch I can use to get treats? I need like 600+ treats.

    • Ash

      What do I buy with treats?

  • Loui

    After I build the pet cemetery non of the Halloween task come out, anyone know what’s wrong? I’m a level 13 by the way

  • Dimetri

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    • Alex

      Mysterion how did u hack your game?

  • rai101

    how do I change costumes?????

  • Whoopa

    I have all the artifacts of the calendar and I put it together but nothing is happening, can someone help ?

    • Snowguard

      You have to put the pieces together in the correct way

    • tayra

      You need to piece it together in a certain way. I’ve noticed a few neighbours have it all but in the wrong order. Once you have it (looks kinda symmetrical) you will be able to proceed and answer the questions (the Zune being the answer).

    • Egrandidier

      Same thing for me. I gathered all the Artifacts but nothing is happening. The last quest of the artifacts is blocked.

  • Am4692

    It’s the long skinny piece had same problem look close at the pitcher you might need to place it in the other direction.

  • Egrandidier

    You were right ! Thank you soooo much Tayra and Snowguard, 😉

  • C.Nate

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    They should lower the price of the ray gun cause 150 donuts which is alot.

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  • Nothing Guy

    Keep on doing Haloween quests to unlock Ned the Devil, then buy the House of Evil and Bad Dream House to make him happy.

  • Nothing Guy

    Keep on doing Haloween quests to unlock Ned the Devil, then buy the House of Evil and Bad Dream House to make him happy. Later on, buy Wille’s Shack to please Ned the Devil.

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  • me

    hi, i have version 3.0.2 i think. where i can get this update of game? i’m talking about halloween update. i can’t find anywhere. thanks.

    • Leon

      Halloween is over. Wait next year.