The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Andriod’s Dungeon


To be able to get the Andriod’s Dungeon in The Simpsons: Tapped Out you must reach level 13 to activate The Dungeon Keeper Pt. 2 quest via your task book. The Andriod’s Dungeon is actually a comic book shop that holds most of the superhero comics in Springfield. In fact, Bart Simpson and Milhouse often go to the Andriod’s Dungeon’s front window to watch for the latest Radioactive Man comic book to see whats for sale but often the Comic Book Guy would brush them away if they aren’t making a purchase.

After unlocking and building the Andriod’s Dungeon, you will notice that your Tapped Out city will have the Comic Book guy walking around, he’s a blue overweight figured man that is often holding a drink in his hand. He has some of the best jobs that will make you laugh through the game so unlocking this building is a definitely plus, especially because of the Andriod’s Dungeon, Krusty can now also sign autographs for 24 hours making it his highest paying job.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Andriods Dungeon

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  1. My task book is telling me to build andriods dungeon but when I go to buy it its still locked and says quest on it. What’s happening?

    • It’s probably the bad dream house quest, right? Up until Halloween, that quest will be there whether you’ve gotten the quest that will unlock androids dungeon or not. So if you don’t get the quest that unlocks it by te 31st, it’ll just go away.

    • Martin and milehouse have to sleep in the bad dream house at the same time and then you will get the quest!

  2. That’s happening to me as well! Does anyone know why!? Please help?

  3. You have to unlock the treehouse first. Bart will do a few things, then you will unlock the library. After a few more tasks the dungeon will be unlocked.

  4. Cool thank you! Just waiting for lisa and Millhouse to finish walking to school.

  5. i already sent Lisa and milhouse to school but still the house is locked !!!
    thanks in advance

  6. I think the key is what is written above, namely to proceed with your available tasks until other things fully unlock. I am stuck on the AD, but now I have hope.

    Anyone want to add me?

    Calhermit and Joshtcc23 are both me, the former is better.


  7. I'm on level 14 and unlocked the quest. When I go to build it, however, it comes up as locked. WTF?

  8. Me too…it won't unlock!!!

  9. How to get christmas part 2? I downloaded the game same time as a my friend there able to buy Xmas decorations but I can’t I only have part one iv tried in installing the game and re installing it but no luck.. Also I can’t add her as a neighbour I can’t see her city but she can see mine and I’m her neighbour any ideas plz help

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  17. My brother is on level 13 and no quest it doesn’t tell us with your information

  18. I did but did not give me the guest

  19. I’m having a problem starting the dungeon keeper 2 quest. I have Bart and the library, and I’ve had the task to send Bart to school, and I thought I’d be able to get the next part of the quest by then, but it doesn’t come up…am I doing so something wrong?

  20. I’ve reached level 13 and it still won’t let me unlock the android’s dungeon what do I have to do

  21. I am on level 13 and cannot unlock? How do you get the quest started?

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