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Cletus is probably one of the most overlooked characters in the entire Simpsons show. In The Simpsons: Tapped Out he is in the category “Oddballs” and there is no better category than this. Fortunately, having Cletus in your Tapped Out city does have it’s benefits, you get his farm along with the abilities to grow some interesting plants which in the end allows you to generate more income.

To unlock Cletus you must first purchase his Cletus’s Farm which is available at the very beginning of the Simpsons: Tapped out, almost close as the events of unlocking Apu and Ned Flanders. Once you have Cletus’s Farm Cletus will join your Tapped Out town allowing you to plant in his farm for income as well as giving him some jobs. Cletus is probably one of the few characters were the farm probably and rarely would go with any other parts of your town but it does earn a lot more than most of the beginning buildings. You will find that Cletus will mostly be sitting on the street with some of his jobs or have locked himself away in his farm growing his perfection.

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Cletus

Task/Job List Time Earnings Requirement
Whittling 1 Hour $75, 20xp
Harvest Copper Wire in the Brown House 3 Hours $150, 35xp Quest
De-louse the Young-uns 4 Hours $200, 50xp
Help Brandine Give Birth to Another Spuckler 8 Hours $275, 75xp
Dig through Garbage 12 Hours $350, 100xp Dumpster
Brew Moonshine 24 Hours $600, 150xp

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  1. how do you havest the perfection? I click it when it's done but it doesn't come up as I've harvested it!

  2. You only have 3 seconds to harvest it or it will go off

  3. How do you harvest moonshine?

    • You click it . I don’t mean to be mean but that was a little slow

      • Your comments are rude. All over this thread you’ve talked down to everyone as if you’re so much better and smarter than everyone.. Get a life!

        Btw.. He meant “literally” how does one harvest moonshine?

        Who’s a little slow now?

  4. Does anyone noe wat cletus means when he give birth with brandline!

    • Brandine is Cletus’ wife if you didn’t know, and apparently she is always pregnant. Since “doctors are for dem rich city folk”, Cletus has to assist her in childbirth.

  5. What level do you have to be to unlock the quest to make Cletus get copper wire from the brown house?

  6. How much is Cletus’s Farm?

  7. Whenever Cletus finishes the task I gave him, or immediately gives me another task to give him. Is that happening to everyone?

  8. What happens if you grow tiffed on Cletus farm it says the end of humanity is the reward does that destroy Springfield again

  9. Why am i getting taska one after the other for cletus, its been like that for over a week, when i have a task for him and he finishes it he pops back up in task bar!!

  10. Same here. Not sure why they aren’t mixing it up lately.

  11. What is cletus' fucking house number?

  12. I’m level 12, I have more than 33K bucks and 13 donuts, and yet Cletus’s farm is still locked. What can I do?

  13. Schumi1803 add me
    Play every day

  14. Schumi1803 add me
    Play every day

  15. Can neighbors harvest crops from Cletus’ farm? I’ve planted some corn and I will not be happy if one of my neighbors collects it before I do.

  16. add me daveyj23

  17. how do I add friends in the game simpsons tapped out? please respond without abbreviating’m Brazilian

    • You have to create an account on origin, which is the red icon in the bottom left hand corner in the friends page, and then search for their names or through Facebook 🙂

  18. Please add me daily player can’t get fb to work wen I try to add I’m puppycat777 thanks 🙂

  19. Ive been trying to harvest protection and when the 45 seconds is complete it doesnt leave from the side bar or say that it has been completed! Its been there for over a damn week! Also willies shack is available on the side bar but wont unlock even though im in level 11 now and it says it unlocks in level 10! Wthh

    • Right when the perfection has grown after the 45 seconds you have to make sure you click on it (where it is growing) right away before it dies. This way it’ll disappear from ur task bar 🙂 yeah I’m a loser LOL

  20. I cant get cletus unlocked and im already at level 7 what did i do wrong??? Plz help

  21. I cant get cletus unlocked and im already at level 7what did i do wrong????plz help

  22. Please add me my name is kayleightu184

  23. please add whistlechaaa thanks

  24. I want to buy a 2nd Cletus farm, but can’t find it. Is there a way to do it? Also, add me. Daily player. Didi_bloo

  25. What does end of humanity do

  26. Nothing that I do will Unlock Cletus’s Farm! I need the money so bad! What did I do wrong? Cletus was never offered at the beginning & I am almost to Level 8!! Please add me! I am on ALL the time!

    Help me! 🙁

  27. Add me, daily player, RyanJamesDillon1

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  32. please add delboy2001 thanks

  33. Add ccarlosdls818, lots if cash and doughnut buildings, I’m completely redoing springfield.

  34. Is there a cheat to get donuts with Cletus when Corn, Actual Corn is ready to harvest? What do I do!?!

  35. How do you get the the donut plant on Cletus farm I am trying to get donuts fast

    • justinligh416 you have to download the simpsons tapped out modded apk but because of the updates the modded tapped out game will not work

  36. can someone explain how the hell i have ending up with cletus’s farm not once but TWICE ?

  37. Im on level 29 and for some reason Clrtus has vanished……. Been gone a week orr more at this stage.. Any help???

  38. Can you speed up the farm without donuts buy changing your device time

  39. How do mod the farm to get money donuts krustyland tickets and Xp

  40. I have found a gltch for Springfield downs. First u need to have the quicky mark and tap donuts to speed the ichey and scratchy 0 donuts u need then cancel then go to Springfield downs and press donuts and cancel wait a while Press bet a dog the 99-1 u should win the money

  41. How do I get 2 farms. I am in need.

  42. What does de louse the young uns mean on the tasks for cletus?

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