The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Fat Tony’s Compound


The Fat Tonys Compound in The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a building you can purchase for your Tapped Out city. This building was made available to players on April 19 2013 during the Whacking Day event.. The building does come with any special characters and costs 222,500 cash.

Reach level 28

Start the “The Cleaner Pt. 4” Quest

Earns 225 Cash 22XP
Every 16 hours

The Simpsons Tapped Out Fat Tonys Compound

Release Date:
April 19 2013

Building Type:
Character: Legs
Buying Price: 222,500
Build Time: 1D 11 hours

How to get Fat Tonys Compound

To get the Fat Tonys Compound you must first understand that they are all locked by quest and you need to complete everything in order to unlock Fat Tonys Compound and make it available for purchase.

It starts from Mayor Quimby then onwards with Smithers, Mr. Burns all involving Fat Tony.

You cannot “choose” which quests you do first but if you have been completing all your quests you know that it doesn’t really matter.

Keep in mind that “premium” character quests will not advance the story in your game to help you unlock buildings. You need to complete all quests available until you get the buildings unlocked. So just continue doing quests until they are unlocked.


At the time of this writing the Fat Tonys Compound cost 222,500 cash but can decrease depending on the developer’s decisions


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