The Simpsons: Tapped Out – First Church of Springfield


To get the First Church of Springfield, the only church in Springfield that the Simpsons citizens go to, you must be at least level 14 and have activated the quest called Passion of the Flanders Pt. 1. The First Church of Springfield is the church that is run by none other than Minister Reverend. Lovejoy or Rev. Lovejoy for short just like in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. If you cannot activate the quest then it is more than likely you have not satisfied the previous conditions which may be one or more. Simply go back to your task book and ensure that all the quests are complete and that everyone in your Tapped Out town is not busy. Sooner or later someone will pop up with a speech bubble telling you to complete their quest.

When you finish building the First Church of Springfield you will also unlock and get Rev. Lovejoy to join your town. You will also gain a little more income tax from the First Church of Springfield build that earns you 200 cash and 20 xp every 12 hours. By unlocking the First Church of Springfield you also gain access to a lot more quests from Ned Flanders as well as other characters that are related to studying the bible.

The Simpsons Tapped Out First Church of Springfield

  • Tom

    How much is the church going to be as I’m level 13 but dunno if I should spend my doller

  • Brennan

    I’m at level 18 now, have tons of money, it’s almost Halloween, and still haven’t gotten the stupid quest to initialize for the first church of Springfield. Which means I can’t get the quest to start the java server. So I don’t have marge or the reverend.
    Now there’s a quest that wants me to build Moe’s tavern. I can’t get that one because the previous quests haven’t started. I have gone through all quests so far as they arrise. Don’t know why these 3 are hung up…..
    All it keeps letting me do is make cleatous take care of random things. Ridiculous!

    • Danzigman

      I am in the same situation as Brennan. Not meaningfull tasks to perform and no chance to build the church for Halloween. Same quest to build Moe’s to get marge to sleep in dream house. Any luck Brennan?

      • zfish4888

        lvl 26 same problem pissing me off

    • Freya

      Yes I have had that before! It is easy to get the church, keep on pressing where it saids make Ned go to church about 40 or 50 times then it just appears. But then it takes 24 hours boring… Here is a way though this is how to get 2000 donuts free make abuo do 7d shift and make homer lounge in the pool and Lisa play the sax then u can speed things up! Hope I helped

  • Shane647

    I was having trouble getting the church as well… I was level 17 I had all my town walking around for awhile and nothing came up… I thought we’ll maybe ill send Aputo pray to Ganesh maybe to conflict the religions… As soon as I sent Apu to do so I got the task for Flanders… I do believe you need to have bed available and not busy though I may be wrong but this is what worked for me

  • Angel

    Im level 16 and when all my people were done I waited for 5 minutes and nothing happened.

    • af316

      Have Apau pray to his god out side of his store while Flanders is shopping there. That worked for me.Please add at316 I have no friend’s and need some .

  • xxxxxxx

    I’m on level 16 and i still cant get the church, its so annoying-_-.. i always finish all my tasks and then new ones pop up but nothing about the church also i’ve left all my players doing nothing for a full day and it doesnt work?
    also add me please, i’ve no friends on it:P rebekah987

    • Chelsea774

      Add me chelsea774 add me chelsea774

  • Tom

    MASSIVE BUG, HELP! When I click to build the church the whole game cuts off!

  • Francisco

    Im in level 15 and I just get quests to do tasks

  • Christine

    I bought Barney’s bowlarama and it vanished as well as the school. I also need the church and I’m getting frustrated because my stuff keeps vanishing someone please help

    • Kate

      Have you checked your inventory? They wouldn’t just vanish

  • Georgia

    hi guys,

  • Georgia

    hi guys,

    i can confurm that the first church if springfiled costs 32,500 dollars


  • Georgia


    i can confurm that the church costs 32,500 dollars.


    • Chelsea774


  • hernaman

    Have Apau pray to his god out side of his store while Flanders is shopping there. That worked for me.Please add hernaman I have no friend’s and need some. Thanks

  • eaman

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    Is it possible to buy a building for others as a gift?

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  • Heather

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