The Simpsons: Tapped Out: Friends Code


The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a popular Simpsons game but what’s a social game without Tapped Out friends? Well now you can! Join the Friends Code list and become the first to let others players know about your secret Tapped Out game on Gameteep!

The Simpsons Tapped Out Icon

Adding friends is simple and easy in The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

  • Simply locate the Bart and Milhouse buddy icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Tap on the icon to bring you to another screen where it says “Add a friend”
  • From the Origin menu that pops up choose your way of adding friends and you will have friends for adding!

You can use username and Email but we recommend you only share your username. Why? We’re sure some of us have been there while those that haven’t. Sharing your Email can resort to spam, lots of spam. Spam from random people with unwanted software and so forth. So it is recommended that you search up your username and share it in the comments below.

Keep in mind it is recommended that comments be made about the style you play and how you can help your friends or what type of commitment you are to the game. This is important because players will want to know if you will help them in the game as they are trying to help you. Adding friends is important but adding Good quality friends is even more important.

Please share your friends code below if you need friends and other players to join you. Keep in mind quality Friends Code are important for all players in The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Share Friends Code below

NOTE: Players are strongly advised to use the forums for immediate friend code posting! See below.



  • mathieubouffard

    Add mathieubouffard – daily player

  • Nm

    Add blondee8503 level 44 daily player

  • alicia

    Add leeree2494. Daily player.

  • Kirsty Macdonald

    Add me; [email protected] kmajm19474. Daily player, against vandalism!! :)

  • kiara

    Add me kiarakirkman
    I’m an active user

  • nikki

    Add me nikkilulu007

  • John

    ADD ME I AM ACTIVE adams420

  • Thomas Ragan

    38,250 for Bart are we crazy? We must be and then wait 24 hrs. For him to show up nuts. Oh my game tag is ragantkwolf.

  • Sonia Lata Mehmi

    Daily player add my cousin and I.

    life4687 & lilgigglez880

  • Rodolfo Figueiredo

    Please add me. Level 27. Daily player. Orign ID: ruzamblas649

  • xnatsu1337


  • Brittany Curry

    Add me I am active level 45 my origin is b_curry86156 … in need of more friends on this game.

  • thenightwinger

    active daily: nightwingerz

  • Ariel Lane

    Daily Player ariellane7 add me <3

  • MOBBSTA408

    Daily player add me MOBBSTA408

  • dsmanonnie

    Add me: dsmanonnie
    daily player and I will visit your town every day. Level 49. Cleared out my friends list so I have a lot of room for new daily players

  • Pinkyy911

    Add me


    play all the time

  • joseelacou268


  • acuinveve377


  • stuie


  • Mike

    mikeleilah – I play everyday!

  • Amanda

    Ilovethear144 and thecandyma382
    I play everyday!

  • Kermit

    Daily player level 50
    Add me KermitDa1

  • cat

    Add me….daily player! madhattercs and sheppardalex

  • bob

    Add me. edward432

  • mra

    Level 12 daily player heartlucy2377 only have 2 friends please add

  • mlainch

    Daily player level 46 – yrubhcnial

  • Gemma

    Add me gemm3 I play every day I think I’m over level 50

  • Annika

    Add me and my bf: Annika2211 and Carsten8282

  • karlie

    Add me karliee33433 i play daily

  • DT


  • Lauren Egley

    I’m egley1! Daily multiple time player! Add me!! For some reason I can’t send but I can recieve