The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Gulp’N’Blow


To get the Gulp’N’Blow in The Simpsons: Tapped Out, you are required to reach level 10 and have activated the quest name Krusty Burger Heavy User Pt. 1. The Gulp’N’Blow is essentially another fastfood restaurant that is activated because Krusty Burger can’t satisfy your Tapped Out town’s citizens. Who would only want to eat Krusty Burgers 24/7 anyways? The Gulp’N’Blow has no additional characters after purchase so it is another building for you to gain lots of money from. You can also build an unlimited amount of Gulp’N’Blow buildings in your Tapped Out town helping you earn those hard earn income tax dollars. The Gulp’N’Blow will earn you 100 cash and 8 experience every 4 hours making it quite a good building to build regardless of level.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Gulp N Blow

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  1. Well, I have reached Level 10 and I have sent Homer to eat at Krusty Burger abut ten times and the Gulp ‘n’ Blow has STILL NOT UNLOCKED. So? What am I doing wrong?

  2. Me too

  3. Same here!!! Add me!

  4. Have they taken it out the game?

  5. It was removed

  6. I can’t construct the Gulp’N’Blow because i haven’t complet the mission: Krusty burger heavy user 3… where can i watch what mission had i completed?
    No puedo construir el Traga y resopla porque no he completado la mision No es un Krusty Burger 3… donde puedo ver que misiones he completado?

  7. Same here! Wth?!

  8. hi cant get past krusty burger heavy user… to get to gulp and blow.. ive deleted krusty burger stored it.. cant trigger it.. any clues? in my task book i have willies floor clean. bird watching. and build the cooling towers. oh and the i choose you.. so any help would be good cheers

  9. Im level 31 and have not gotten the the gulp and blow any suggestions

  10. Same here, Ive had all characters not on quests.. spent donuts to speed up the power plant.. nothing works , (i had him eat about 20 krusty burgers and nothing)

    My best bet is that the Gulp & Blow had been REMOVED FROM THE GAME


  11. I got the confirmation from ea that it was officially removed from the game because of security reasons so sorry guys ) ;

  12. Glup n blow takes time money and patience. Its all depends on how much time you put into the game to level up faster and get buildings quicker.

  13. No no! Its not deleted! Firstly make HOMER piggyback mr. Burns, the nitti will Come!

  14. It is still on the game and works. After Willie rackes the leaves Skinner woo go bird watching, during this time have home shop at quickie mart while apu works. After he us done you should start the quest to build gulp n blow

  15. I’m lvl 13 and I am building the control room, 3rd part of .nu-cular quest. I still have not unlocked gulp and blow. I have Willy and have already completed raking leaves quest. Also haven’t unlocked bart crusoe quests either. Any ideas?

  16. Me to I really want to get it but I haven’t got the qwest

  17. Can’t unlock krustys heavy user part 3 either, I am at level 13, beginning to think this game has serious bugs that prevent us from progressing if we buy certain things with doughnuts.

  18. Day 372. Level 36. Still no Gulp N’ Blow.

    Willing to give anyone with a solution my credit card details to buy a dozen donuts!

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