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The Simpsons Tapped Out

Homer Simpson is back in action on the iPad or iPhone in an all new app called The Simpsons: Tapped Out. At the beginning of the Simpsons tapped out, Homer Simpson was busy on his myPad playing and building his own village. While he was scrolling through the menus he did not notice the nuclear meltdown in his sector. This caused the entire Springfield power plant to blow up taking away everything in Springfield. Now Homer Simpson is the first character you will get to start your Springfield town building.

Homer Simpson in the Simpsons tapped out is outrageously funny and has many dialogues that will make your experience with tapped out better. As being said, Homer is the first character you will get during your play-though and he has some unique jobs that you could never have thought of. Some of his jobs on his list includes: Playing with his myPad, Power Napping, or sitting around in the pool. It’s hard to believe but these job will actually earn you income on your tapped out game which is quite nice. We’re not going to go into the history of Homer Simpson so we’re going to list the tips, strategy, and guides about Homer Simpson in Tapped Out.

Homer Simpson Sounds and Voice

Here are a list of the favorite quotes in Tapped Out:

  • D’oh
  • Oh work, I though this was a game
  • I wish this was a shooter game.
  • Hehehehe
  • Better them than me
  • Are you cheating on me with another game?
  • Meh Better than my real job.

Homer Simpson Job Chart/List

Task Time Reward Requires
Clean up Springfield 6 seconds $35, 1xp
Play with his MyPad 45 seconds $2, 1xp
Break into the brown house and watch TV 3 minutes $6, 1xp
Trip to Lard Lad 5 minutes $10, 2xp Lard Lad Donuts
Eat at Krusty Burger 30 minutes $35, 10xp
Shop at Kwik-E-Mart 60 minutes $75, 20xp
Eat at the Gilded Truffle 2 Hours $110, 28xp
Visit the track 3 Hours $150, 35xp
Way over sleep for a Power Nap 4 Hours $200, 50xp
Lounge in the pool 6 Hours $250, 60xp
Drink at Moe’s 8 Hours $275, 75xp
Attend Church 12 Hours $350, 100xp
Plant shift 16 Hours $500, 110xp
Watch Monkey Trauma Center Marathon 24 Hours $600, 150xp

Mayan Homer Simpson Job Chart/List

The Mayan Homer appeared during the Halloween update as a special costume made available when you have successfully built the artifact circle unlocking Mayan God. You will need to answer his question, and the answer is “The Zune”.

The Simpsons Tapped Out -  Mayan Homer Simpson

Task Time Reward Requires
Go on a Maize Binge 60 minutes 1 Treat, 17 XP
Reenact the Mayan Collapse 4 Hours 1 Treat, 45XP
Ulama Practice 8 Hours 1 Treat, 70 XP
Human Sacrifice in the Brown House 12 Hours 1 Treat, 100XP
Worship Gukumatz the Creator 24 Hours 1 Treat, 150XP

Cool Homer Simpson Job Chart/List

Cool Homer Costume was released on December 2 2012 which is part of the Cool Brown House Event.

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Cool Homer

Task Time Reward Requires
Style Goatee 60 Minutes 70 Cash, 17XP
Peruse Graphic Novels 2 Hours 110 Cash, 27 XP
Walk around acting Superior 4 Hours 175 Cash, 45 XP
Show Off his Fixie 6 Hours 225 Cash, 55XP
Enjoy a Duff Blue Ribbon 8 Hours 275 Cash, 70XP
Listen to Indie Rock 10 Hours 350 Cash, 90XP
Screen Mumblecore Films 12 Hours 420 Cash, 100 XP
Cram body into skinny jeans 24 Hours 600 Cash, 150 XP

Santa Homer Simpson Job Chart/List

Santa Homer Costume was released on December 5 2012 which is part of the Christmas Update in version 4.0.0.

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Santa Homer

Due to the nature of special event costumes, the reward may vary after the event.

Task Time Reward Requires
Break in for Milk and Cookies 60 Minutes  105 Cash, 26XP
2 Hours
Get Stuck in the Chimney 4 Hours  260 Cash, 70XP
Do the Rounds 6 Hours  350 Cash, 90XP
 Do Santa Training 8 Hours  420 Cash, 105XP
10 Hours
Endure the Winey Kids 12 Hours  600 Cash, 150XP  Try-N-Save
Fly Santa’s Sleigh 24 Hours  1000 Cash, 225 XP


Mr. Plow Homer Simpson Job Chart/List

Mr. Plow Costume was released on January 11th 2012.

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Mr. Plow Costume

Task Time Reward Requires
Break into the Brown House to Watch his Commercial 60 Minutes  105 cash 26xp
2 Hours
 Eat the Key to the City 4 Hours  260 cash, 70xp
 Sing Mr. Plow Song 6 Hours  350 cash, 90xp
 Clear Snow 8 Hours  420 cash, 105xp
10 Hours
Wear Jacket to Bed 12 Hours  600 cash, 150xp
Attempt to Melt Snow 24 Hours  1000 cash, 225 xp

Ninja  Homer Simpson Job Chart/List

The Simpsons Tapped Out Ninja  Homer Simpson

Task Time Reward Requires
Fake-whack Pretend Snakes 60 Minutes
2 Hours
 Smash Up Flanders’s House 4 Hours
6 Hours
 Steer the Mob in Wise Directions 8 Hours
10 Hours
 Twirl Whacking Stick 12 Hours
Polish Stick for Whacking 24 Hours

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  1. Homer also says something that I can’t understand (sorry for my bad English): “Craft”, “Corrupt”, or something else? Anybody knows, what he say?

  2. Oh yes, Homer says “crop” (or he pronounces it “crrrooop”) when you can harvest crop from Cletus Farm.

  3. So, what do the jobs by Santa Homer yield? Santa Coins? Or are the just like normal jobs? I’m afraid I don’t have him unlocked yet. Or ever, since I’m disinclined to pony up the cash for him.

    Oh yeah, and please add garrettj100.

    Don’t you worry, I’ll come and click your buildings, click your buildings SO SO HARD.

    Me love you long time.


  4. please add me as a friend!
    romelWF is my name!

  5. My donuts keep disappearing is this happening to anyone else?

  6. Hey!! Love the game!! But I would like to have some of the quotes they say as my text there anyway I can???????

    • I’ve been trying to figure that out too! My favourite one is the push notification when the dogs are ready to race again. Have you figured it out yet?

    • Go into your iTunes library and find the Tapped Out file – something like “Tapped Out.ipa”.
      It’s really a zip file, so unzip it. If necessary, change the suffix to “.zip” instead of “.ipa”.
      Once you’ve unzipped it, go through the folders into Payload > Tapped > audio > res-audio.
      Ignore the file named “0” – it’s an index file that contains no audio. The file named “1” is a zip file. Unzip it. Again, if necessary, give it the suffix “.zip”.
      A bunch of the files in here are the main sound resources for the game; mostly sound effects and game actions from Homer. You may need to convert them from “.caf” into another format, such as “.mp4” or “.m4a” in order to use them as ringtones. Use Audacity (Google for it) to convert the ones you want.

  7. How doyou get homer ninja?. Is there a mission or something like this? I play every days andi. Havent it.

  8. Add me

  9. Please add me as a friend.


  10. What is the name of the song that plays when you tap on the Springfield retirement castle. Anyone?

  11. What is the name of the song that plays when you tap on the Springfield retirement castle building? Anyone?

  12. Add me ‘callummacken’

  13. How do u get this stuff?? If u didnt upgrade it at those times?? Or if u didnt have it when it came out??

    • You can’t get it unless you were actively playing the game at the time. When the event ends, that’s it – if you got it at the time, you keep it. If you didn’t, tough luck, there is no way to get it after the fact.
      The best you can do is hope that they re-release them the following year. They did that with some of the Halloween stuff (Kang, Witch Marge, Heck House, etc), and may do so again for Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. But not everything has been re-released.

  14. Add me, new player but play daily, jrroberts314

  15. Fun time waster game but I think the dialogue is just stupid. Nothing funny or Simpson-like about it. The writing is just bad.

  16. I thought we could have 100 friends? I have 97 and it won’t let me add anymore. My daughter just started playing the game & I’d like to add her but I can’t. Does anyone know if 97 is the actual limit and if so, how can we delete some other villages? Not that I really want to, but I’d really like to add my daughter.

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