The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Mindy


Mindy is a Cash character and is one of the characters that was released in 2014 for Valentine’s Day with a couple of brand new items in the game to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2014. This was a minor-major update with a lot of stuff celebrating Valentine Day but most of the items are decorations, that’s why it is minor-major. It also had a spinning for item minigame.

Start the “Card Are Read, Marge’s Hair is Blue Pt. 4” quest

The Simpsons Tapped Out – Mindy
 Buying Price:
2500 Cash
 Jobs: Yes
 Character Classification:
VN:F [1.9.20_1166]
Overall Value
Rating: 4.9/5 (4 votes cast)


Can’t Talk…. Eating

Item Information

This is a Cash character available to Springfield Tapped Out players in the Springfield section of the game. You can only obtain this character from purchasing Mindy’s in the Cash section of the game.

It cost about 2500 money to purchase the Madame Chao’s for this character into your game and is only available for a limited time. You need to complete the quest from Homer to unlock her. Once you purchase this character you will be able to have her roam your tapped out city

Tapped Out – Mindy’s Job Chart/List

There is no job list for this character. If there is we will fill in the stats for the character.

Task/Job List Time Earnings/Income Rates Requirements
 Shop at Kwik-E-Mart 60 Minutes  70 Cash, 17 XP
4 Hours  260 Cash, 70XP
 Drink at Moe’s 8 Hours  275 Cash 70XP
 Work on Tan 12 Hours  600 Cash, 150 XP
 Plant Shift 16 Hours  500 Cash 125XP
 Ride Motorcycle  24 Hours  600 Cash, 150XP

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  1. I am level 43 and have been playing since Easter 2014 so I have misse valentines updates. How can I get mindy now if I can’t buy Madame chaos ?

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