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Marge Simpson is the mother of Bart, Maggie, and Lisa Simpson as well as the wife of Homer Simpson, but above all she is the home keeper of the Simpson house. In the show Marge and Homer dated since they were in school and married shortly after. When Marge had her first child, Bart Simpson, she told Homer causing him to rip out most of house hair, on the second event when Marge found out she had Lisa this caused Homer to rip out more of his hair. Finally when Marge told Homer the news about Maggie this caused him to rip out all of his hair leaving two strips as it looks today.

Marge in The Simpson: Tapped Out plays an important role to completing your Simpsons family. It just wouldn’t be The Simpsons without Marge Simpson taking care of the family and Homer Simpson. In one of the quests before you unlock Marge you will see Homer return home after a days job at the power plant to an empty dinner table. What a frightening sight.

To unlock Marge Simpson in The Simpsons: Tapped Out you must first reach level 15 to unlock Moe’s Tavern. Once you have unlocked Moe’s Tavern, purchase the building and it should take 24 hours to build in your Tapped Out Springfield Town. Marge will join your city and the Simpson family once this has been done, you will also see a short scene with Homer and Marge.

Tapped Out - Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson’s Earnings & Income Rate

Task/ Job List Time Earnings & Income Rate Requirements
Read ‘Chores’ Magazine 45s $2, 1XP
Shop At Kwik E Mart 60m $75, 20XP
Eat at the Gilded Truffle 2h $110, 28XP Gilded Truffle
Clean the House 3h $150, 35XP
Visit Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace 4h $200, 50XP Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace
Teach Art Classes 6h $250, 60XP Springfield Penitentiary
Walk Maggie 8h $275, 75XP
Attend Church 12h $350, 100XP
Protest… Something 24h $600, 150XP

Marge Simpson’s Earnings & Income Rate [Halloween Costume]

To get the Halloween Costume, you must purchase the premium item called the Cauldron during the Halloween Event.

Tapped Out - Marge Simpson Halloween

Task/ Job List Time Earnings & Income Rate Requirements
Trick-or-Treating 16 H 1 Treat, 200XP
Buy Eye of Newt 60 M 1 Treat, 26 XP
Do a Victory Lap 8 H 1 Treat, 105XP
Stir the Pot 12 H 1 Treat, 150 XP
Relax with Book of Spells 24 H 1 Treat, 225 XP

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  1. I already got to level 15 but moes is still locked. I’m not sure what’s going on, have any ideas?

  2. Me too! Not sure what else you have to do.

  3. I’m also having the same issue! Is it EA?

  4. this is driving me nuts in on level 15 too and he is still locked what the heck and I did everything that they so to do I just want to move on and keep playing but I cant if I don't have moe's and marge sigh do you no how I can get them.

  5. Same here 🙁

  6. I’m on level 20 and I STILL DO NOT have Marge or Moe’s. I just got the church!! What the hell am I doing wrong??

    • Well maybe what’s going on is that you guys keep sending your characters on quests an your tapped out cant keep track of your process

  7. Have you unlocked Bart yet? Make sure that you’ve been doing other parts of the storyline too (Unlock Bart & Martin).

  8. I unlocked Bart and Martin and I do not have mopes yet either level 16

  9. To all of you:

    It’s because you haven’t completed your current tasks which are holding you back. All you need to do is complete as many tasks as you can-fast. You can either fo this the long way or the short way by buying doughnuts from the store!

    Hope this helps!!

  10. Add me I’m jaber645

  11. Add me!!! Jperedoe

  12. I had the same problem with Bart, I was supposed to get him at 12 instead I just got him and I’m nearing the end of 13. Hope the same thing doesn’t happen with Moes Tavern norarge cause I’m looking forward to Moes tavern, that’s what I wanted all along with Bart ahah

  13. add pls: black7prince

  14. I’m trying to get Marge as well and build my neighborhood. Add me if you’d like. Starlette86

  15. Man I’m only at 14 and I’m only half way to 15…I sent invites to some but add me timalfrey311

  16. I’m half way on level 16 and just built moes. Add me, I play HOURLY!!!! magan_46

  17. Looking for more friends! Please add, mmdrywall31

  18. Im at lol 20 and no moes or marge!

  19. Add me: MommaByrd07

  20. I’m on level 17 almost level 18 add me camseams100

  21. And I’m almost done with moes

  22. Yo I’m new to the game plz help me out and add me lukeprovost387

  23. Add me please!!!!!!: anabelle27

  24. I’m having these problems too but other than that, add me: TheCheat78

  25. Has the issue being solved now? Does marge unlock at level 15?im on the android version. I have completed my tasks up to date and I’m on level 12.just built willies shack.

  26. Add me

  27. Also me

  28. Search my email on tapped out please

  29. Search my email on tapped out please

  30. Add me johnpweetman

  31. Im on level 15 i hardly have any characters no marge, bart or moes either. I have done all questsjust goin round in circles now help 🙁 tsto lou2604

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