The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Mayan God


The Mayan God is a limited time character. You must obtain a total of 6 artifacts and construct them correctly to unlock the portal for the Mayan God to arrive in your Tapped Out city.

What makes this character different from every other characters we’ve faced is that this Mayan God cannot be controlled in any way. It just walks around your city and even when you tap on him, he does not respond to your gestures. Though unlocking this character, he will ask you a skill testing question. The answer is below.

This character is obtained when you construct the circle using the artifacts found through smashing zombies.

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Mayan God

First Release: Oct 4 2012

Classification: Treehouse of Horror XXIII

Job List: None

During the Halloween event, this Mayan God when unlock will give you a chance at Obtaining Homer’s alternative costume.

The answer to the question is “The Zune”

How to get Artifacts

Getting the Artifacts for Halloween in the Simpsons: Tapped Out is not difficult but just takes time. You can get them by smashing zombies coming from the cemetery or the pet  cemetery.

However, each day you can only obtain 2 artifacts. That means you must return each day until you have obtained all 6 to unlock this character for your Tapped Out city.

How to Build The Portal

  • Cass

    I have found 6 of the Mayan artifacts, however two of them are the same piece. Does this mean I have to collect double the amount? Or will the Mayan God appear when I have completed one full set of Mayan artifacts?

    • IdsManiac

      I had the same problem, a few days later I found a seventh one, and it did fit. So you just have to collect 1 more.

    • doansters

      no. you have to rotate it. It is a puzzle.

    • nangkita

      me too, just put one of the same one on iventory, hey add me if you want NRN173

  • Alan

    I also have the same problem, 2 pieces are the same and as you can’t rotate them 360 degrees they don’t fit together… I wondered whether or not it was a glitch?

  • Anje

    Just keep on rearranging the pieces (probably done it 5x)
    Then you will be notified by Lisa.
    I was able to get mine and out comes the mayan god and he will ask you a question
    specified above and answer it as mentioned.

  • Abejr22

    You just need to rearrange the pieces. ADD ME – abejr22

  • Kovi6666

    I have the same problem i have got two same pieces and a have rearranged the pieces 3 times but nothing happend 🙁 what can i do to get the mayan god?

  • Kovi6666

    *five times

  • kelinaa

    I have had 6 pieces for a few days now and the god hasn’t appeared, is there something I’m missing? I’ve constructed it, rotated it, moved it from one point to another… Getting a little annoyed at this glitch.. Any suggestions? -kelinaa

    • samantha

      I had the same issue and I tried over and over to reaarange the pieces. Then I literally watched the video above and assembled each piece in the same order as they did (and you have to look at the pieces really close to make sure it’s the right one) and I finally got the Mayan God. I fugure there is one piece that just kept throwing it all off because they look really similar. Try that!

  • Robert

    It says I have 6 pieces but only 5 of them are lighting up blue like that rest. And iv arranged them both ways and stil no Mayan god, feel a little bit ripped off

  • Nelson aviz

    This may sound crazy but my cemetery isnt producing zombies? Their hands emerge from the dirt but that’s it, I haven’t been able to collect ant artifacts because of this. I don’t know if it makes a difference but I didn’t know the cemetery was free and I purchased it for 75 donuts, I am so frustrated please help

  • tabaines

    My game has zombies, but I get no artifacts when I squish them.