The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Moe’s Tavern


To get Moe’s Tavern you must first reach level 15 at this level you should be able to unlock the quest called Is There an Al Coholic Here Pt.1 which is more than likely from Homer Simpson. If you haven’t completed all your quests at this level then it is highly recommended that you do them from your task book because Moe’s Tavern cannot be unlocked without them. By building and completing the building for Moe’s Tavern in your Tapped Out city you will unlock three very special things in your Tapped Out game. The first thing you will unlock is a special animation scene between Homer and Marge Simpson in front of Moe’s Tavern. Secondly you will unlock Marge Simpson and she will join your Tapped Out city once the building is constructed. Third and last, is unlocking Moe to help water down your beer in your Tapped Out town for your citizens so they don’t get extremely drunk.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Moes Tavern

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  1. but ive seen that litte video twice when i was lvl 12 or something. plz help me im almost lvl 16 now and havent got him yet!!!

  2. I’m level 16 now and still no pop up for moes tavern. Any advice? I’m Linda just going through the other quests hoping something will happen.

  3. I’m level 18 and haven’t got it yet, I am just now building java server. How much is moes tavern?

  4. I’m on level 15. One of my missions is to build Moe’s tavern, but it is still locked. Does anyone know what I need to do to unlock it? Thanks

    • I have the same issue ginpenna but I’m level 16, it’s telling me to build moes but its still locked? Please help thanks in advance x

    • You need other characters so for the Java server to be built you need comic book guy to be free but you need all your other characters to be free aswell

  5. Same as above… Lvl 16 and have the task to build Moes tavern but its locked????

    Also not got the Java Server either

    What ami missing here

    • Complete all other tasks first and u will be able to build it


      • the Halloween update (lard of the rings part 5 ) requires moes to be built, HOWEVER, you cannot unlock it this way. To unlock it you need, barts tree house, then the library, then androids dungeon, THEN JAVA SERVER, then you get it. If thats not right dont blame me cos im still building my androids dungeon. Hope this helps 🙂

  6. Same here I’m levels ahead (17 I think) and it’s saying to build moe’s Tavern and Moe’s is highlighted in yellow as though I have to choose it but the padlock is on it so I can’t actually choose it even if I have enough cash.
    No fair!
    Please help!

    • Same here. Level 17. I have done All tasks asked and even
      Though its highlighted yellow I can not select it.
      Does anyone have the answer as I was asked this
      Task nearly 2 levels ago! Mydsnhaven

  7. Same here.. I have a quest on “Al coholic” BUT No Moe, No tavern…

  8. I’m in the same boat. Level 16 but can’t build Moe’s. has anyone found a solution?

  9. This is killing me!

  10. YOU MUST BUILD THE JAVA SERVER BEFORE MOE’S IS AVAILABLE!!!! Those of you complaining about having Moe’s Tavern appear in a quest, but it being locked, are probably referring to the Halloween quests. The Bad Dream House quest line does not allow you access to building Moe’s. Building Moe’s is only a REQUIREMENT to continuing the quest path for the Bad dream house. You need to keep doing character driven quest from the task book till you get the Al Coholic Here Pt.1 task.

    • I have build the java server and I’m almost level 16, all my characters are free, except comic book guy who is IN the java server (it’s the next quest for the js)…am I missing something else?

  11. If u have the church then must first complete both quests fully, I.e. send homer to church and then the Sunday school kids, once these r complete u get the android dungeon, from there complete quest, which links to java server and beyond

  12. I’m also at level 16 and have the option to build Moe’s bar in the quests but it’s still locked.

  13. It’s popped up as a quest for me also and i’m level 15. I have the Androids Dungeon but no Church of Springfield which is super annoying. HALP. X

  14. You need to have built the Java Server and the Church of Springfield, once those tasks are done( Sunday school and Comic Book guy has finished in Java Server) Homer will have an exclamation mark above his head-this leads to him saying he misses Marge,therefore unlocking moes tavern for you to buy it!

  15. How much is moe’s tavern? I need to start earning for it


  16. okies how do I get al cohoic to get moe's tavern? any one now how?

  17. I've got androids dungeon the church and the java server but still can't get moes

  18. Ive Done all the quest it says do from the task book but I still cant get moes tavern… now on level 16…any ideas.

  19. After building the said two building- church and java coffee place. Then flanders has a quest to go to churh several times. Then comic book guy needs to go to the java place for “they have Internet/computers in here part 2”. Then Cletus does some garbage digging for 24 hrs. Then the pastor guy walked the dog, finishing the church missions. Then finally it gave me the al coholic mission. There might have been another little mission in there but then it finally worked. The tavern can only be built with the al coholic mission. It’s not a Halloween mission- only a part of one. Hope this helps! I was havig trouble too. But I finally got the mission- now I just need 30K!

  20. complete All ur tasks and home will say i need a beer then itll unlock

  21. I cannot get Moe's tavern either and I am at level 16. and all my quests are done as well.

  22. Im at Level 17. I have the Android Dungeon and the Comic Guy but I still cant unlock the Tavern OR the Java Server, presumably because I cant get the task “Is there an Al Coholic”? Im saving up for the Church which is available and just hoping divine intervention might stop me pulling me hair out :-/

  23. You definitely do not need that mission to build the java server. I don’t honestly remember all of what I had to do to get that. Hope you get it soon. Don’t know if you read it somewhere but it helps to have all your characters empty for a moment to receive tasks. That does help move along missions.

  24. Oh and the key to the java chiller is the comic guy. He asks for coffee or a place to do something. Vague but its all I remember.

  25. Almost done with Level 18 and I just got the Java Server, putting my eyes on Moe's just in time for the holidays. How sad it 😉

  26. Im having trouble getting moe too. And the church I'm level 16 and nearly 17, last building I got was the orange house. I've been told to keep homer and need free from jobs. It's abit frustrating

  27. Moe’s Tavern costs $32,000 dollars. Make sure you save up the money you have.

  28. There are a few things first you need to do:

    Build Androids Dungeon
    Build Java Server
    From here you should be able to build Moe’s Tavern

    I’m level 19, I might have forgotten one or two quests, but I’m pretty sure when I was building my town, i had those buildings first then Moe’s was available to build when the quest came up. If that doesn’t help, then sorry, I have to try and remember…. 🙁

  29. Hey add me lanolin705 🙂 thanks

  30. Add me. jjones1977

  31. I have been skipping the task of collect from shops as I thought it wasted two donuts and it just disappears from task book. Is this how to get to Moe’s? Gotta go to Moe’s!!!

  32. Hi I’m on level 27 and can not unlock any more buildings can sum please help

  33. I need neighbors

  34. Hi Lisa… What is your user name?
    You can add me dolphinbleu.

  35. Need neighbors, hourly player Plbaker8828. Thanks

  36. moe’s tavern has been built during 24 hours (normal). when i click on it to finish the construction. then it should appear the cutscene becomes just green and i can’t either see the cutscene or advance in the game, which means the same thing i can’t get moe’s, or moe or marge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  37. Im on level 15 and building moes tavern. Once u get quest to build it and 32,000$ u can build it.. this game is addicting lol

  38. I am level 19 I cannot get most tavern it is lock same as the church I got the money to buy them but it will not let me it is locked does anybody got any answers I close my account reopened it still locked nothing will work please help me

  39. Hi, not sure if this is what unlocked Moes Tavern but I got Homer to work in the power plant a 2 or 3 times (16 hour shifts) then once he finished it popped up with Homer sitting at his dinner table asking where Marge was (she comes with Moes Tavern). That seemed to work for me, hope this helps to unlock it

  40. Still working towards Moe’s. Thanks for the advice! Could use a friend or 2 who I can distribute the gift bags I still have.
    User ID: linzgl13

  41. I have reached level 16 and have had the quest requiring me to build moes bar but I can’t build it as it is blocked saying I must Start the quest even though it is already started someone please help me

  42. Need neighbours my name is on Simpsons Harryhmeade it’s not my real name in real life it’s my friends real name in real life

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