The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Mr. Burns


Mr. Burns returns to The Simpsons: Tapped Out as a villain that owns the nuclear power plant and tries to ruin your Springfield Tapped Out city. No, we were joking about the ruining your city part but he does return to the Tapped Out game in the category of a villain.

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns better known as in his full name Charles Montgomery “Monty” Burns is a wealthy old man that owns the nuclear power plant that Homer Simpson works at. Mr. Burns is well known for his villainous phrase where he says “Excellllent..” in s tone where he will scare you into getting another job if your employer ever did that to you.

To unlock Mr. Burns in The Simpsons: Tapped Out you must be at least Level 11 and have completed the quest, It’s Pronounced Nu-cular Pt. 1. This is very important as some players advance to level 11 but find themselves unable to obtain buildings any further. This is because the quests are in a systematic  order where you finish one quest to get another. To unlock Mr. Burns you need to complete the It’s Pronounced Nu-cular Pt. 1 which will start his empire building of the nuclear power plant which is separated into three parts, Cooling Towers, Reactor Core, and the Control building.

Task/Job List Time Earnings/Income Rate Requirements
Fire Random Employee 45sec $2, 1XP Control Building
Brisk Constitutional 1 Hours $75, 20xp
Read from the Necronomicon 4 Hours $200, 50xp
Hide Nuclear Waste 8 Hours $275, 75xp
Walk the Hounds 12 Hours $350, 100xp
Run the Plant 24 Hours $600, 150XP Control Building

  15 Responses to “The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Mr. Burns”

  1. Ok, so I did the cooling & the reactor but nothing’s come up about the control? HELP?!?!

  2. What side quests do you have to do? Complete all the available side quests and it should come up. I now have to build the reactor core.

  3. I have the reactor core control building and the towers but I can’t make mr. Burns read from the necronomicon

  4. its boring playing by myself can people add me my email is jams [email protected]

  5. Hey add me on tapped out! my screen name is mrloserboii

  6. Ccarlosdls181 add me!

  7. When will the nuclur quest start i cant go any further til that starts im already level 11

    • To trigger the cooling towers you need:

      1) Level 11
      2) Build Willie’s Shack, and finish all his side tasks
      3) Have Apu free (not doing any tasks)

      Once you have done this, Apu will have an exclamation mark over him; tap him and it will start the sequence to unlock the cooling towers.

      Read more:

      I’m building the Willie’s Shack right now and I’ll try this tip… =]
      If you want, add me: walbinjr

  8. I just came to level 11 and it is telling me to get the cooling towers, BUT I CANT START THE ‘Its pronounced Nuclear’ QUEST!?!?!??! help

  9. Add me I need friends hmdaniels. I add everyone and goto everyone’s place to help out.
    What quest do you need to complete to unlock this one?

  10. my mr. Burns accidentally got deleted and I was wondering how I can get him back and if I can

  11. Mr burns has disappeared. How do I get him back . I have quest I can not complete. He has been gone for over 4 days now.. Help

  12. It’s pronounced nuclear part 1 and 2 are showing under my tasks and I’m level 11 however when I go to build part 1 it says it’s u available. What do I need to do???

  13. It’s pronounced nuclear part 1 and 2 are showing under my tasks and I’m level 11 however when I go to build part 1 it says it’s u available. What do I need to do???

  14. janmartinr938

    add me

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