The Simpsons: Tapped Out: New Characters and Updates


It was necessarily for us to create a page that focused solely on new updated Characters, buildings and decorations. This is because the original game had a set amount of items but updated items should not be placed in the same category as the original release. Below will document all the items ever released as it’s updated in the game oppose to the original release.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Icon

We only document new character updates now.

Aug 16, 2013 [Streamed Update]




Aug 16, 2013 [Streamed Update]


Jul 31, 2013 [Streamed Update]

Jul 26, 2013 [Streamed Update]

Jul 17, 2013 [Streamed Update]

Jun 30, 2013 [Streamed Update]

Premium Limited Edition Items

Cash Limited Edition Items

Jun 13, 2013 [Streamed Update]

Quest Items

Decorations [Premium]

Building [Premium]

Characters  [Premium]

Jun 1, 2013 [Streamed Update]

May 20, 2013 [Streamed Update]


May 14 2013 [Streamed Update]

April 20 2013 [Whacking Day Event]

March 8th 2013 [St Patrick’s Event]

February 21 2013 [Ralph update]



January 31 2013 [Valentine update 4.1.0]

December 5 2012 [Christmas update 4.0.0]

November 30 2012

November 10-14 2012 [Thanksgiving Event]

FREE Characters

List of Thankgiving Decoration items

November  6 2012

 Premium Character

 Character and their Buildings



October 5th 2012

September 20-26


Buildings and Decorations

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