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Rev. Lovejoy is better known as Reverend Lovejoy, another churchy joe in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Reverend Lovejoy is the minister of the First Church of Springfield, making sure that Springfield citizens go to their Sunday church and especially give thanks to god by putting change into the hat pot that is passed around. Don’t confuse Ned Flanders with Reverend Lovejoy though, Ned is much more binding to the bible than the reverend where the rev. may at times even find Ned Flanders annoying.

The Simpsons Tapped Out - Rev. Lovejoy

In The Simpsons: Tapped Out, Rev Lovejoy returns as the minister of the First Church of Springfield once again but this time in your very own Tapped Out town that is built by none other than you. You will find that Reverend Lovejoy’s job list to have most things that deal with hosting seminars at the church or spreading the teaching of the bible. You may even notice that even notice jobs such as walking the dog but during his dialogue he reveals he likes to walk the dog to give the Flanders House an additional weight left behind by his little pet.

You are probably wondering how you can unlock Reverend Lovejoy right? Well it’s not a difficult task first you need to purchase the First Church of Springfield which is unlocked at Level 14 by Ned Flanders. If you have completed all the quests up to your level then Ned Flanders will want to build a church which is a quest called Passion of the Flanders Pt. 1. Once you have completed that and have built the which, which takes 24 hours to build, Reverend Lovejoy will join your Tapped Out town and spread his bible with the rest of the citizens. This will also unlock other quests for other characters that may love the church, such as Ned Flanders.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Lovejoy

Task/Job List Time Earnings/Income Rates Requirements
Walk the Dog 60m $75, 20XP
Perform Last Rites 4h $200, 50XP Retirement Castle
Ride 1.5″ Scale Train 6h $250, 60XP
Comfort Inmates 8h $275, 75XP Springfield Penitentiary
Give A Sermon 12h $350, 100XP
Counsel Couples 24h $600, 150XP

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  1. You say that you have to "purchase the First Church of Springfield which is unlocked at Level 14 by Ned Flanders." I'm nearly on level 16 and I have completed Flanders request Passion of the Flanders Pt1 but the church is still locked with Quest written underneath it. I have built the orange house but am wondering when this will happen? Please help x.

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