The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Springfield Downs


To get the Springfield Downs your level requirement is level Level 16 and  you are also required to have activated the Double Down on She’s a Loser Pt. 1 quest in your task book. The Springfield Down is your all out race track where you can place your bets and win an considerably large sum of money. Unfortunately the Springfield Downs does not and will not let you win donuts. You can consider the Springfield Downs a mini-game where you can place a bet on any dog [for a price] each hour and if you win, you get to double or even triple your money!

The Springfield Downs at first will cost you 38,000 cash and 24 hours to  build but once you have completing the building you can begin playing those betting mini-games on it. There is little strategy to winning this race game so it is mostly down to luck, if you find yourself losing more money than you can afford then it is suggested that you stop playing. The Springfield Downs is really there to open more quests for other members and their job list. You will find by activating Springfield Downs you will also gain quests to unlock other characters like Mayor Quimby.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Springfield Downs

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  1. add my account : Artem089rus

  2. I win 20-25% of the time on the 9-1 race.

  3. I never win there has to be a way

  4. You need to wait until most or all of your tasks are complete. The you have to click on a few of your house incomes and maybe a few thumbs up. After that place a bet to win 6000 then tap as many thumbs up as possible before the race ends and you will win 90% of the time . The larger the bet the more completed tasks you have to tap on. I rarely lose this way. I mostly do 24 hour tasks for 600$ . And I never bet unless all possible tasks are complete
    good luck!

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  8. Jannis018

  9. Add me: msparamore

  10. I always bet on the same dog…. so you just go through and click on the same dog and sometime they win

  11. Kman’s right, it does work. I’ve tried it daily for a week now and so far I haven’t failed!

  12. I wait a few days in between to bet and I usually win but only for the 2-1 race I haven’t tried out the other ones yet

    Add me: dallyingally

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    kellyD1209 … Thanks 🙂

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  15. Jwranson and jnranson. Add us. Thank you!

  16. What I do is alternate between the one who will win 6, 000 and 12, 000
    Say the dog that wins (doesn’t matter which one, Not a Chance, Dogbiscuit..etc) gets 6, 000 then the next race I bet for the one who’ll win 12, 000 and the race after I’ll bet for the one who’ll win 6, 000 then back to 12, 000. It never fails. If you keep track of which one won, you’ll never lose.

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  22. Y not make it night time. Like other games.

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  25. I play every, all day (almost) lol: chuckyt1984

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