The Simpsons: Tapped Out – Springfield General Hospital


The Springfield General Hospital in The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a building you can purchase for your Tapped Out city. This building is similar to the Hibbert Family Practice which is made for doctors in the game! However, purchasing this building will not unlock another character into your game.

Requires: Level 24

Earns 300 Cash 30 XP
Every 24 Hours

The Simpsons Tapped Out – Springfield General Hospital

Release Date:
December 5 2012

Building Type:
Buying Price: 196,500
Build Time: 24 hours

How to get Springfield General Hospital

To get the Springfield General Hospital you must first understand that they are all locked by quest and you need to complete everything in order to unlock Springfield General Hospital and make it available for purchase.

The last quest that needs to be completed in your game to unlock Springfield General Hospital is completing a series of quests that sends Homer, Wiggum, Comic Book Guy to Dr. Hibbert. Prior to that there will be a number of quests about sending people (mostly the larger men) to dine at Krusty Burger and Gilded Truffle.

You will then send the people that have dined too much into Hibbert Family Practice where he will preform his duties then will tell you about him charging more in a Hospital and will tell you to build the Springfield General Hospital



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  1. I’ve completed level 24, have one of the furbies and santas little helper, but the hospital still hasn’t unlocked- do I need the other two furbies?

    • You need to complete main story just like kent brocman and like that. Do the guests and it will be opened.

    • The hospital quest has nothing to do with the Christmas quests, therefore getting another Funzo won’t help you.

      The Hospital quest comes up once Krusty has created and promoted a new Burger. Homer, Chief Wiggum and Comic Book Guy will then eat at Krusty Burger and after that have to go for a Checkup at Dr. Hibbert’s Family Practice (this is a Dr. Hibbert quest, so make sure he’s free of tasks once Homer, Comic Book Guy and Chief Wiggum have completed their tasks).

      After the checkups Dr. Hibbert will ask you to build the hospital.

      • When does Krusty create a new burger?

        • I have been having the same issues. I am all but finished level 24 but the quest to build the hospital just hasn’t happened.

          • I’m level 26 and still don’t have it. But I think I’m close. Username: Lakerman437

          • Did you get the hospital? As I’m at level 26 and tasked to build burns mansion I have done that and the takes for Smithers but it is now telling me to build the Wiggum house, I have had all my characters doing nothing to see if that prompts tasks it doesn’t, can someone please help me!

            Add me jenny_lou1991

          • I have get that too but i still dont have the quest to build the hispital idk why but did i miss somebody that makes the quest hospital not valid can u guys state the that related to the quest

        • This quest happens after Dr. Hibbert and I think two other characters (sorry, can’t remember that quest exactly) dine at the Truffle.

          To best make sure if you missed a quest have all your characters be without quests at one point during the day. You should easily be able to spot the exclamation mark bubble thingy above the characters that have upcoming quests.

    • Have you managed to get the hospital yet? I had the same problem as you, then I noticed in the buildings section there was a krusty burger twice available to buy, one really cheaper than the other. I bought it to fill the space is left for the hospital. Anyways when I bought that, it started off the krusty task of promoting a new product which led to getting the hospital in the end!

    • Add me johnsonwill I play everyday.

  2. After some quests with dining at Krusty’s Burger, you will get quests that require homer, wiggum and comicbookguy to get a check up at dr. Hibbert. After that you will get the Hospital

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  4. Same problem…… Does principal skinner bird watching lead to the Krusty task and onto the hospital task…. Please help

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  11. My name on facebook is Robin Ribéry please add me i have a problem with the hospital I am from germany and I can help you

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  14. Can somebody help me with the hospital

  15. I’m at the mission in life Showbuisness it is still far from the mission until I am that I can buy the hospital?

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  17. Is it true there will be an update on January 3rd?

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    Add me ….. Mampti

    • that’s what EA said, yes. It’ll probably be a smaller, in-game update though that will remove the christmas theme and not a major one with new buildings or characters. Knowing EA though it could very well be a week after January 3rd for the update to be released.

  18. I had some people go for a check up then it just stopped

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  20. I can’t get Springfield general hospital. Is there a known glitch?

    I’ve had a few quests asking people to go for check ups with Hibbert and then completed Barneys Bowling alley and the quests involving him.

    But now for 3 days I have no character quests whatsoever – the only quest right now is to have enough coins for try n save and to decorate houses.

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  22. Lvl 24 with lots of Xmas houses!
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  23. Hi all! I’m in level 24, I can’t move or edit my Springfield because the edit icon it’s unlock and my krusty character and krusty burger disappear, I can’t unlock them again I don’t know why, it ask me fo level 14! wtf! so I can’t build the hospital, what can I do? I try removing the app but it doesn’t work, help me please!

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    got mapple store, barneys bowlarama and try n save

    got krustylu studios, santas village

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    I have everything except the Hospital… Plenty of coins to give. I got the Springfield sign, it is hot!

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  35. I have don’t everything known to man to try to get prompted to build Springfield General Hospital. I was asked to send people to Hibbert Family Practice a couple times but then it just stopped the sequence. That was over two weeks ago. What is the freakin’ deal? I love this game but I’m getting pretty sick of the glitches. Now, it’s just sending me on random jobs and I’m getting nowhere in the game. I hope there is an update soon!

    • that is exactly what is happening to me i still cant get the hospital and now im stuck

      • This is happening to me as well. I’m level 25. Still no hospital or Burns’ Manor.

        • I’m on level 26 now and still have yet to unlock the hospital or anything else. I’ve been stuck for 2 months now.

          • You need to have the orange house, the doc has a quest there. Finish a couple more (dining at the trifle, etc) and krusty will promote his product, with inch will lead the doc to build hospital. Took my 2 months to figure it out. Have fun!

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  37. About to get the general hospital.. spent some money buying land and re-decorating. Level 25 with an insane springfield! Play hourly! Add me: Moneymaster1223

    Yay for hearts and yay for addiction!

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  40. Finishing up the Hibbert tasks so I can get the hospital next. Need more friends for valentines hearts!!! I’m level 25 and a daily player.

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  42. I stuck as well I on level 25 and cannot get my hospital to unlock, so then can get burns manor.

    Just getting random quests no storyline anymore. Except the valentine quests.

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  45. Hi,
    I had the same problem, the quest for the general hospital stopped halfway through. I bought an extra Krusty Burger as advised on this website and it unblocked the quest. Thanks guys!

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  47. The weirdest thing just happened, Burns Manor got unlocked so I could build it, but the General Hospital, which is before Burns Manor, is still unlocked. How could that be even possible? Anyone else with the same issue?

    • That happened to me too. I’ve got burns manor and am building the wiggum house right now but it still hasn’t told me to build the hospital. I’ve been told to send people to dr Hibbert and to have him deal organs on the black market but nothing else

    • Yes! This happened to me two days ago. The next mission should be for Burns to hide nuclear waste, but it’s not coming up! Tried giving him a few other tasks to fix the glitch, but no luck. Anyone have any tips?

    • I’m on level 32 and I still don’t have the quest yet and I don’t have any jobs I’ve had for a while

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  49. I have built everything, and I do mean everything, up to leave 28, and always do tasks as they appear. But the hospital just isn’t opening up for me. I think there may be some bug in the system here that has yet to be fixed.

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  51. Level 28 finished 4 times but still the general hospital unlocked .. Tried to buy 2-3 new orange hhouses but still nothing !!!! Before snakes things !! Sarted the quests but after the update 2 week ago i lost my progress for the hospital !! Any help ??

  52. I started the general hospital quests … After wacking day update i missed that ,…. nOw in in Level 29 and still i cannot unlock the quests … what im supposing to do ???

  53. The hospital will open eventually just be patient. I’m nearly level 30 and I’ve only just started the series of jobs that unlocks the hospital build. Once you have Skinner’s mums house built keep on with her jobs as often as possible, especially the crossword job and soon you will unlock a series of jobs which see Skinner hide from her in Bart’s tree house and willy’s shack. Once you get these open your on the fast track to get the hospital build so keep going and do all the yellow tagged jobs until you start sending loads of people to see the doctor and then your almost there and the hospital will become available after the last patient has been seen.

  54. Ok it seems the main problem everyone has currently is building the Springfield hospital so I’m gonna share what I know and I hope it helps some of you. First of all, forget what level you are and what you have built already! Just because your level is high enough to unlock a certain building, it doesn’t mean you can build it straight away and it doesn’t mean they are built in the order they unlock.
    So you understand I myself am almost level 30 and I built the Mr Burns manor many levels ago but only now am I doing the list of jobs which run up to me being able to build the hospital. Now I can’t talk for everyone who plays so this is just my own personal findings from playing the game daily.
    My game plan consists of two main things which I have always done. The first thing I do is always do the 4 hour jobs on every character all day long but if they don’t have a 4 hour job I do 2 or 8 hour jobs. The only time I don’t do a 4 hour job on a character is if they have a quest job that needs to be done which shows up in yellow writing at the top of there job list.
    Always do these jobs when they appear as they are valuable quests and lead to new building being unlocked and available to be built.
    Now as I said I am almost level 30 now and I am probably half way through the list of jobs which should allow me to build the hospital. If your struggling to get the ball rolling I’m not sure there is any definitive way that promises to get it started but if you make sure you have the items needed such as the orange house and krusty burger and most of all Skinners house! Having Skinners house and his mum in the game are very important as these are what helped me start the hospital jobs.
    Keep doing the crossword job for Skinners mum and eventually you will open loads of quest jobs where Skinner hides in Bart’s tree house and willy’s shack as well at the church and Buddhist temple. Once those start there will be others such as Apu in the market and Bart skipping school and being caught and Skinners mum cleaning up Springfield then finally you will start sending everyone to see the doctor and finally at long last it will tell you to build the hospital and you will get the final building done. Remember I’m level 29 and only just doing this so don’t fret if your not on it yet you may just need to do a certain job for one of the characters to get it started. Hope this helps but if anyone is struggling with this or anything else your welcome to email me at [email protected] and ill help with anything you need.
    You can add me if you like my name is Bownyboy as its written here.

  55. Been having trouble with the hospital quest too. I see I’m not the only one lol. Some helpful tips, but it looks like the real key is patience and patients.


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  57. I’m now level 29 and still have not popped this quest up? I’ve sent all the larger characters to the gilded truffle and the krusty burger but dr. has still not asked about building the hospital? any ideas or tips?

    mattmccann14 add if you want

  58. Add me ivalandros1047

  59. I have a galaxy i535, I’m on level 35, I still can’t get the general hospital quest. I’ve done every quest I’ve been asked to do. I just want my hospital. I’m not going to restart my game due to the fact I’ve put a lot of real money into this game. Any suggestions, please help. Thank you

  60. I’ve done all the quests bownyboy talked about to, still nothing

  61. you need both of the crustyburgers, there are two one pays $13 every 15 mins, the other pays $15 every 15 mins. They look the same. I just found out and I’m on level 35

    add me mail4frank486

  62. Frank I could kiss you, soon as I bought the second krusty I got the challenge, now I’m building the hospital. Thank you again, trying to get that hospital about drove me nuts 😉

  63. Thankyou for excellent advice! I needed to buy back the orange house and Guilded Truffle to fulfill the events that unlocked the hospital! You also need Krusty Burger and the Hibbert medical practise.

  64. I am level 42 and I have every othe building but the next quests aren’t appearing!

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