Jan 272013

It seems Tiny Castle is cooking up new creatures for your game and this week it’s the Bunyip creature. Born from the elements of Beach and Desert, this creature is here to stay in your game as a cute and adorable blue hair creature with quite some teeth.

Tiny Castle Bunyip

The creature is not limited edition, which means it is here to stay but it will take some time for players to breed because it holds unattractive elements. Why are the elements of Desert and Beach unattractive? Well you’ll know something very special when you head over to your enchanting tree. You can’t breed these two elements together and that means you’ll need to use hybrids.

How to breed the Bunyip creature in Tiny Castle

While challenges are always good, but disabling directly breeding combinations means players can simply use the two elemental creatures to breed for this monster. To breed for this creature in your game, you must use a Beach-Hybrid and a Desert-Hybrid. It can be any hybrids really that adds up with at least the desert element and the beach element.

When you have these two elements in the breeding process look for 13 hours and 45 minutes to see if you’ve gotten a Bunyip creature.

Please keep in mind it doesn’t exactly matter which creatures you use. As long as you have a beach element and a desert element within the breeding process, you will get a chance to get the creature. The breeding order of level or right does not matter and what level your creatures are will also not matter. It’s about luck.

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