Dec 162012

Looks like the Tiny Castle developers are pushing the game along with a brand new creature for your castle. The Holly Dryad was just released into Tiny Castle and it is only available for a limited time!

Tiny Castle Holly Dryad Baby

That means you’ll only have a chance to summon the Holly Dryad for a limited time. However, it’s not all that easy either. The Holly Dryad is a combination of Volcano and Garden, which means you cannot directly summon the creature. So we’ll try to go through and let you know what elements are needed to summon this creature.

How to summon Holly Dryad creature (learn more)

This creature is a limited edition creature so check your market to see if the creature is available. If it is, then head on over to the summoning enchanted tree and get ready to try your luck at summoning this creature into your game.

To summon the Holly Dryad creature you need a combination of Volcano and Garden. That means you need to find hybrids and creatures that add up to have at least Volcano and Garden to get a chance at getting this creature into your game. There is no specific combinations but you can use combinations like Garden Nymph and Cockatrice and so on.

Once you’ve hatched one of these Holly Dryad creatures you can place her into any Garden or Volcano homes.

Please keep in mind that it does not matter which side you select the breeding creatures and the level of your creatures does not matter as long as breeding is enabled.

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