Dec 252012

There’s never a holiday at Gameteep. For Tiny Castle players, they can expect quite a tough ride if they haven’t seen and bred the Tomten creature in their game. It seems the creature was released recently and it’s not always good news. The creature is extremely limited and is set to expire on December 27th 2012! That leaves most players with only 48 hours left before it expires!

Let’s not go too in-depth about the creature because time is ticking away as we write about him.

Tiny Castle Tomten icon

How to summon Tomten Creature

Tomten is not free. We wish it was for Christmas but it isn’t. However, the elements to getting this Tomten creature is quite simple so it’s definitely not as difficult as some players may think.

This creature holds only two elements, which are the Garden and Forest elements so you can use the main creatures that make up these elements to breed for this creature. Unlike the other Holly Dryard creature where you cannot directly summon for that creature.

To summon the Tomten creature you are recommended to use the Centaur and the Garden Nymph in enchanted tree for a chance to get the creature. The hatch time is 2.75 hours which is about 2:44:59 so be sure to check for that time when breeding to see if you are summoning the Tomten creature for your islands.

Tiny Castle Tomten for christmas

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