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Another great game is hitting the market for breeders and builders alike. Tiny Castle is probably the most astounding builder game of 2012.  Combining the elements of breeding (summoning) creatures with unparalleled story-telling on a  mobile take’s people’s favorite genre to the next level.

We’ll be covering the secrets to unfolding the story in Tiny Castle soon.

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Developer’s Notes

Discover an enchanted world filled with magical creatures! Feed them, raise them!
Build your Kingdom, explore mysterious islands and banish the Evil Queen’s minions!


• Get ALL Magical Creatures and see them GROW from Babies to Adults
• Unlock new types of magic to SUMMON Hybrid creatures
• UNCOVER an ever-expanding world with constant new exciting quests, creatures, and minions
• Enhance your majestic CASTLE, construct new buildings and gather resources to expand your town
• Use your creatures to DEFEAT the Evil Queen’s minions
• Explore the mysterious realm surrounding your Kingdom



  34 Responses to “Tiny Castle”

  1. my creatures are stuck on the summon tree and i have tried deleting the app and re installing it, does anyone know how to fix this???

    • To get them unstuck, simply breed two others together and when they are done, all of the monsters will go back to their habitats.

  2. Does anyone know if its possible to sell creatures after they have been placed in habitats?

    • you can just tap on the habitat, choose their character tab, and it’s a tiny sell button right under the picture of them and on top of the feed button. it took me a while to find too!

  3. Does anyone know what two creatures summon a sylph?

  4. I am limited to how much money I have how do I increase it so I can upgrade my castle for the second time or upgrade my habitats plz help love this game so much

    • If you complete challenges, when you get the reward it can go over the limit, if it exits the game when you try turn off you iPod/phone and turn it back on if that dosent work try,try, and try again till it dose you’ll get enough

  5. Is it possible to sell a habitat?

  6. I am trying to summon a fire nymph based on your suggestion i am trying to do that with a Treant (teen) and a Phoenix(adult) but it is saying the magic is not compatible. what should i do?

    • Try a cockatrice and treant…… this worked for me and this combo can give you several different hybrids.. I got five in a row from this combo and then turn it around and do treant and cockatrice for more…

  7. When I try to collect my coins, it says config something too small and I hit ok everything reloads and I’ve tried to fix it more than five times, and I’m not going to delete the app.

  8. How do you get enough dust to finish clearing 2nd island. i just grew my holding castle for about the third time. now at the square castle dust vault. Says will only hold 1900 need 2150 & 2750. makes no sence.

  9. I can’t find a thistle to clear! What does a thistle look like?

  10. Can anyone tell me how to mix creature I am trying to make a fire nymph and when I try it won’t let me I can breed anything w the fire element or the earth element I can make the owlmman either please help bc I am stuck on the game

  11. I am at a lose w the summoning bc all the creatures I have to summon it say is not compatible magic anyone that can help it would b nice

  12. what creature can defeat the evil queen

  13. Which create should I use to battle the Evil Queen on the second Island?

  14. I’ve cleared my entire first island but it still won’t let me move on to the second… it says I need to complete a goal… can someone please tell me how I can gain access to that second island? Please?

  15. I can’t see my peryton except when fighting minions. How can i fix that?

  16. The sidhe is added to the market.

  17. Building Treasures quest. How do ubpass it?

  18. What creatures do I have to mix for a Peyton?

  19. I just started playing, on level 13. I play on Kindle Fire. Does this effect what creatures I can breed? Also how many creatures of each do I need to have?

  20. I am trying to build the sky temple and the mission says they framework is in the brush what does that mean and how do I get it?

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