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The list of Creatures or Creatures List in Tiny Castle is here. Gameteep will document all updating creatures for the game here and give you the latest news. So be sure to keep updated with this page if you play Tiny Castle. The latest creatures released into the game will be displayed first and while regular and original creates will be near the bottom of the list.

Please keep in mind that the summoning process is magical and special. At times some players may even say its random. Each time you try to summon a creature in the game it will depend on the summoning rate set by the developers. That rate is then combined with your luck in the game which will give you the creature you want or not.

The summoning order of which side you select your creatures will not matter. The higher the level of your selected creatures for summoning will also not affect your chances.

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  36 Responses to “Tiny Castle: Creatures List”

  1. Can you put the adlet on this list. I can’t figure out how to get one

    • I have summoned an Adlets by using the following combinations. They all have worked for me. I hope one of them works for you.

      Pegasus & Cactus Dryad
      Genie & Wisp
      Owlman & Lochness

  2. Who is the owlman ?

  3. has anyone been successful in getting a marozi (new animal) everytime i try i keep getting a Naga

    • Getting one now, breeding time 16 hours, used level 10 phoenix and level 8 cyano

    • I have summoned a Marozi by using the following combination. It worked for me. I hope it works for you.

      Kapre & Cyno

    • Hi. the Marozi is not an easy creature but I have successfully tried I combination that got me it. I have some tips for you. This always works for me when I want to get a creature. I try the combo that it says, like for example, Fairy= garden+ wind. If you cant do that, just try a hybrid combo. I actually was on level 13 when I got my Marozi (marozi is level 14) and the combo I used was hybrid. My advice to you is to keep trying different combos and see if it works. sorry, I don’t remember the combo I used. I hope this was a help to anyone trying to get the marozi!

  4. How do you get the owlman? Can you put it on the creature list?

  5. Oh I found the owlman.

  6. How do I get a lochness?

    • I have summoned a Lochness by using the following combinations. They have worked for me. I hope one of them works for you.

      Mermaid & Pegasus
      Mermaid & Peryton

  7. I’m on level 18 but confused about the unmixable magic , I’m Tryna follow the creature list but it says these creatures aren’t comparable also how do I get a owl man

  8. I have been breeding cockatrice & fairy or cockatrice & treant and cockatrice & …..idk, all sorts of things, for weeks, trying to get an IMP! Can somebody PLEASE PLEASE. Tell me how to summon this creature??? I’m ready give up! Help!!! Please?

  9. If anyone can give me summoning tips on any of the POLAR creatures, I would greatly appreciate them. Thank you.

  10. I’m missing three new creatures from my encyclopedia: frost nymph, zephyr, and basilisk. Can you put in these three new creatures? Also, can you also put in the LTD worker centaur (a labor day creature)?

  11. Pumpkinhead is out.

  12. Can you plz put marozi on the list ive tried alot of conbination thought i had one and all i got was naga

  13. How do u breed a desert nymph I can’t find it on the list. Thank you in advance

  14. Will you plz post all of the monstes up

  15. Does anyone know how to summon an icy Peyton. And a lot of times u can type the creatures name in the addy bar after the / after tiny-castle. Example. Www.gameteep.net/tiny-castle/zephyr I have found many missing ones this way but icy isn’t there

  16. How do I breed a zemy?

  17. Sorry its a zmey.

  18. If anyone is wondering how to summon the Pooka, I just did so by using a wisp and a fairy. The summoning time was something like one day and three hours.

  19. Witch creature is the strongest?

    • The Basilysk no sure if I spelled that right it is one of the desert creatures and I think mine is a senior. It will banish most the first try except for the ice ones.

  20. Please – how does one summon a Leahy?

  21. does anyone know how to get a undine? please help!

  22. how to get an undine?

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