Tiny Castle: Fire Nymph


Fire Nymph in Tiny Castle is a hybrid creature in the game. It combines two different elements to summon this brand new monster to serve in your game. The elements for this creature is using a Garden element and a Volcano element.

“The Fire Nymph, born of volcano and garden magic, is a feisty but pleasant creature. They have a fondness for teas, rooibos generally, which they can boil simply by holding the mug in their hands. They often facilitate Phoenix Firework Races by lighting fuses with their hair and are very inventive when creating new fireworks. Never underestimate any nymph by her build; like Garden Nymphs, these fiery cousins are explosive in battle.” Game Description

 Tiny Castle Garden ElementTiny Castle Volcano

Tiny Castle - Fire Nymph

Release Date: Nov 20, 2012

Breeding Time: 12 Hours 30 Minutes
Hatching Time: 12 Hours 30 Minutes

Buying Price: 1425Tiny Castle Jewel
Selling Price:
 1580Tiny Castle Coin
Home: Garden / Volcano
Unlock Level: 6

 Tuck In Time:  3 Hours

 Tuck In Time:  3 Hours

User Rating
VN:F [1.9.20_1166]
Summon Rate
Rating: 4.9/5 (3 votes cast)

Tiny Castle: Fire Nymph Key Features

  • Hybrid creature
  • Garden and Volcano Hybrid
  • Looks like a fire creature
  • Purple and orange coloring


  • [BABY] – I’m on fire.
  • [TEEN] – ooo watch out for my sparks.
  • [Adult] – Burn baby burn

Tiny Castle: Fire Nymph Information

You can summon this creature by using  the Garden Hybrid and Volcano Hybrid in the Enchanted Tree for a chance to get this monster into your game.

Confirmed combinations include: Fairy and Cockatrice

The summoning time should be 12 Hours 30 Minutes and once you have completed the summoning process, you can place him into any Garden or Volcano Homes.

Please keep in mind that summoning monsters is a mysterious process. You may not always get the correct monster summoning into your game. The summoning  selection of creatures on the right or left does not matter.

The level of your creatures also will not improve chances for certain creatures. Your creature  needs to be at least level 5 for you to combine them in the Enchanted Tree for summoning purposes.

Tiny Castle: Fire Nymph Evolution

Tiny Castle creatures evolve once they have been taken care enough by players. They evolve at certain levels when you have fed them enough food for them to take on a new form.

These new forms take a great deal of effort to change into and can take quite a while, that’s what the Dream Tower in the game is for. To help your mystical creatures evolve.

Each creatures evolve at certain levels. We’ve broke down the levels as it is below.

Egg: Egg is the form where your creatures have just been summoned and awaiting to be placed into a new home

Baby: These infants have just been hatched into your game and requires much care to grow.

Teen: Just growing up become more powerful, these creatures are just learning their ways around the world

Adult: The adult form of creatures are fully grown creatures in Tiny Castle!

Tiny Castle: Fire Nymph Earnings

Level Food Earnings
CourageTiny Castle Heart Icon
Level 1 20 11 24  14
Level 2  45  21
Level 3  65  27
Level 4  85  32
Level 5 [E]  105  34
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10 60  53  27

[E] – Evolution

Tiny Castle: Fire Nymph  Evolution Pictures

Egg Baby
 Tiny Castle - Fire Nymph Egg  Tiny Castle - Fire Nymph Baby
Teen Adult

Possible Names:



Summoning Video

  13 Responses to “Tiny Castle: Fire Nymph”

  1. My game says a Treant and Phoenix cannot be combined. In fact, none of my garden hybrids can be combined with Phoenix.

  2. I have the same issue^^

  3. Try to mix your Treant with Cockatrice. I’ve got my Fire Nymph from them!

  4. You say Fairy and Cockatrice give you a Fire Nymph. It gave me a Sylphand a Cockatrice and Fairy gave me a Pegasis. How can i get a Fire Nymph or Imp? I have tried many combinations, but cant get anything with Garden and volcano together! HELP Please. Ive used tons of money looking for this. Im about to give up and quit the game, unless i can get some help. Thanks

  5. I’m playing on my kindle fire HD (if that makes any difference) I’ve been trying for 3months to get a fire nymph AND a shiny. No luck! I’ve followed the suggestions repeatedly. I flipped order of same creatures -repeatedly. Tried summoning with creatures not suggested… got neither! What gives? I love this game! Check it all day. I’m starting to think it’s not possible to get djinn or fire nymph for me.

    • I got the fire nymph on my kindle using a genie and a wisp ( both level 10)
      Still cant get one on my iphone tho 🙁

    • yeah,this is possible.i got jinn sylph imp and many others.just follow instructions on youtube by wbanga hd..i am hunting fire nymph and adlet at the moment

    • I can’t get a Marozi on my Kindle Fire HD. Very frustrating.

  6. I had same problem with Fire Nymph and Imp. I finally stopped trying and went on. I did get both when I was trying for desert and beach. Just go on. It will eventually happen. But, don’t give up.

  7. I got a djinn long ago dont remember as for imp i just kept breeding cocktreace and treant over and over finally got an imp got some others i was wanting too these were after getting a ton of treants fairies and one other

  8. I got the imp 3rd try using fairy and phoenix. haven’t got fire nymph yet though. just keep trying and you’ll get it. took me forever to get sylph.

  9. Treant and kapre on first try. This is the eighth opposite creature I got.

  10. I just got mine with Phoenix + Fairy, so happy! On my first try too.

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