May 052012

Tiny Monsters fans just got three new monsters, the Tailwind Monster, Icefloe Monster, and the Tempest Monster. Now TinyCo has just updated Tiny Monsters to Tiny Monsters 1.2 for players. They have added a brand new Mythic Cave feature that allows you to turn your coins and diamonds into magic to boost your abilities to breed the ultra rare mythic form of different monsters. Cheers to the new Tiny Monsters 1.2 update and don’t forget to join the Tiny Monsters Gameteep group!

Tiny Monsters Update
They have also added an Enchanted Fountain that produces free diamonds and fixed a dozen or more that players have been having troubles with.

What’s New in Version 1.2

★ Brand new Mythic Cave feature! Turn your coins and diamonds into magic and boost your chances of breeding mythic monsters!
★ Get the Enchanted Fountain that produces free diamonds!

-Bug fixes/ changes
+ changes to breeding cave monster selection to make it even easier to breed
+ fixed bug making habitat and farms upgrade difficult
+ clarified buildings and items limits in the shop

  9 Responses to “Tiny Monsters 1.2 Update”

  1. Its priced 100 diamonds and it gives 1 diamond per day for a period of 18 days? Good god…

  2. I just updated this morning and now my game won’t load…..some bug fix this is.

  3. Well not it at least goes to the loading screen, before it Immediately said it couldn’t load….progress?

  4. Probably not.

  5. Fixed!

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