May 162012

Tiny Monsters fans and players, the creators know their servers have been encountering problems. That’s why as a gesture of appreciation they are giving 10 free diamonds to players that login today!

If you are a Tiny Monsters breeder then you are welcomed with the screen below. They let you know that there has been server problems and that they are working to improve it. Along with the welcome screen you will notice that they are giving you 10x free diamonds because of the trouble. This is quite nice for any Tiny Monsters island. So be sure to login to receive your 10x free blue diamonds or you may lose your chance to get the free “promotion”.

There is no known date of when this offer will expire so login to Tiny Monsters by TinyCo Inc today!

Tiny Monsters - Free Diamonds Connection

  3 Responses to “Tiny Monsters 10 Free Diamonds”

  1. Tiny monsters rocks. Better of I got ten more diamonds

  2. I really want 10 diamonds can u give me some

  3. Thank you.Appreciate the gesture.

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