Apr 132012

The Tiny Monsters game has just been updated with 3 brand new monsters for you to breed. Two of which are great for lower level players while the third one may take some time before you have access to the new monster. The new monsters are the cinder monster, snowbluff monster, and the flitter monster. Information will be posted below about these monster along with how to breed them. Will the monsters be here to stay or is it one of those limited time, special monsters? Only time will tell but Tiny Monsters players should definitely start breeding these today!

As for a note, today is Friday the 13th! Good luck on your adventures through the day and don’t let it bug you too much if you don’t breed a cinder monster, snowbluff monster or the  flitter monster.

Cinder Monster

Tiny Monsters - Cinder Monster

The Cinder Monster is a earth and fire type monster that looks very similar to an armadillo in the ground except that it breaths fire from his tusks, well not really mostly from it’s horn and tail. You will have access to the cinder monster at a pretty low level not really but close enough to the magma monster and then you can breed for him.

To breed the cinder monster you need to place a fire monster on the left then the earth monster on the right for a chance to get the cinder monster. You will have a chance between the famous magma monster or this cinder monster. To check if you have a magma monster in your breeding den breeding then check if it is 13 hours. If your breeding time is 13 hours then chances are you have a cinder monster breeding in your den.

Snowbluff Monster

Tiny Monsters - Snowbluff Monster

The snowbluff monster in Tiny Monsters is an adorable bear like monster that will have you watching his daily activities on your Apple device. He is a ice and earth creature that may seem cold and in fact freezing but we’re sure it will be a heart-melting monsters to children, friends, and family. You can get the snowbluff monster at a pretty low level and is surely not a monster you want to miss.

You can purchase the snowbluff monster in the market using diamonds or you can try to take a chance at breeding the snowbluff monster using his core elements. To breed a snowbluff monster, use a Ice Monster and a Earth Monster, you will get a chance at breeding the legendary snowbluff monster that has children screaming for his appearance or you may not. Once you have bred and hatched the snowbluff monster you can expect to be placing him in a ice habitat or an earth habitat.

Flitter Monster

Tiny Monsters - Flitter Monster

The Flitter Monster is a plant and air type monster that will be flying over the skies on your Tiny Monsters island. He looks very similar to a dragonfly and will surely amuse your island as he flies above all with his tiny little wings. You can place the flitter monster into any air or plant habitat but you need to get the air monster before you can breed the flitter monster.

If you want to breed the flitter monster instead of purchasing him for precise blue diamonds then you should use the air monster and plant monster in the breeding den. Once you place him into the breeding den you can expect to wait 23 hours before you can have him hatching in your island then wait another 23 hours for the flitter monster egg to hatch.

  13 Responses to “New Monsters for Tiny Monsters players”

  1. how do you get an air monster other than using gems,, and if that is the only way to get it,,, than the game is a f)(*&^%^& rip off,,, to be fair, all major elements should be available by coin not gems. why would they do that
    other than to get you to spend money in order to play the game… typical..
    well i think i will stop playing the game and turn to dragonvale,,, at least you get all of their main elements for coins,,

  2. I agree because if the game is not difficult by not having all the main elements to the first level

  3. In dragonvale (pretty much identical) you get it by breeding fire and water! If not possible directly you have to try your luck at breeding hybrids containing these two elements. Good luck…

  4. I don't think you can get an air without the diamons.

  5. I know well they will have to change that or they will have no one playing it

  6. You don’t need money for gems. I saved my gems and now have 48. I’m on level 20. I can spend 37 gems on the Air Monster and have some left over. SAVE YOUR GEMS, PEOPLE!!!

  7. To breed cinder you use a teen frost and fire monster

  8. I get an air monsters without diamonds!

  9. You have to be level 20 in order to unlock the air monsters without diamonds.

  10. Look on Google for “Ways to breed air monster”. It’s the same like you can breed the light monsTer. Hope this was helpful.;)

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