May 052012

We received a number of reports about players unable to start Tiny Monsters. When you start your game you may see this message

“Error: Oops! We’re experiencing difficulties loading your game. Please try again later.”

This is to confirm that the servers for Tiny Monsters are down and that there is nothing wrong with your device or update.

You may discuss with other players about the problem in the forums here. We’ll let you know when you can connect to Tiny Monsters again.

UPDATE: Issue should be fixed

Tiny Monsters Error

  • Aaron Anthon

    Dear Tiny Monster,
    My game has been down for most of the day and has been glitching for the past couple of days. I hope the game is back up soon.
    Thanks for all your help,

  • Nora

    I’ve also been down most of the day. My poor tiny monsters!!

    Love the game guys!!

  • Nora

    This appears to have happened again guys. Do you have any feedback on why it keeps happening?


  • Dwane

    As with the last poster, this is happening again and it is extremely frustrating that I cannot access the game for over 12 hours now.

    I find it hard to believe the author of this article regarding it being a problem with the server because my wife and daughter play the game and they are playing it now while mine says it cannot load the game. This is actually what typically happens when one of us receives the error… 1 of us gets the error and he over two can play. We have only all receive the error once out of the 5 or 6 times this has happened over tha last 3 months.

    What is this error and what can we do, if anything to address the problem. Restarting the device does not help.

  • Anne

    This appears to happening yet again. Any ideas when this would be fixed?

  • Bruce

    We are experiencing load error messages today. Any ideas?

  • Bruce

    We are experiencing “load errors” today. Any ideas?

    • GameteepTeam

      Android or Apple iOS? Are you on the latest update? Everything is working on our end at the moment.

      • Mike

        Android. Still down for me today. 2 days now. What is the issue?

    • LaLuckyPaws99

      Sorta similar problem here except I haven’t gone on for a while so I deleted it and re downloaded it again no use): PLZ FIX THIS! Love the game!

  • kvw

    Same problem here, I’m using a RAZR maxx. Problems started after I loaded the latest update this station. Load errors.

  • kelvin

    i have an htc amaze and i was playing this morning but after 12:00pm it would give me an error message like this “load error”then it says “could not add nursery a”t & a whole bunch of numbers after that. Anyone have ideas on this issue or are experiencing the same ?

  • kvw

    Kelvin, that’s exactly what is happening to me.

  • Mike

    When I try and open the game, this is the message I get now… “Load Error Could not add Farm at (0.000000,21.000000) – (3.000000,24.000000)

    I haven’t been able to open the game for about 24 hours now. Is this happening to anyone else? Can anyone help?

    • Mike

      obviously it is happening…i’m an idiot. sorry.

  • robin

    Same issue here. Husband has kindle fire and has not been able to get on for the last 2 days. I have htc phone and its working fine on phone.

  • quinten

    if i start the game i get the message load error could not add evolab at (11.000000,1000000) -(15.000000,5.000000) whats this and how can i play the game again

  • Jacob

    I just got this game, and when I try to play, it says “error: we are not able to load your game at this time. Please try again later.” or something like that. How can I play? I’m using an IPod Touch IOS 5. Thanks.

  • Tinymonstersaddict

    I am having trouble despite being connected via wifi, it says oops Internet connection is required halfway through a game and freezing.

  • virginia

    I can´t play. It says: could not conect to server! whan will you fix this???

  • vians

    I cant play for 2day, error conect to server. Any idea?

  • Gabier

    Tyny co os pissing me off cause i just download recently a new update and it says download error when i start the game!!! So F$&CK you!

  • JUdy

    Just downloaded updates on my iPad and now Tiny monsters wont connect. There is now a new pretty screen. Under it is a green bar that isn’t moving, under that it says “Connecting…” PLEASE HELP!!!

    • Tiny wolf

      I’m experiencing the same problem as of yesterday. I tried everything but it just doesn’t work.

    • Arlene

      You have to delete the app, then download it again. At least that’s what worked for me after I updated. Nothing will be deleted.

  • Meagan

    Downloaded new update now won’t load hasn’t for 3 days now? Any ideas??

  • Adam

    Downloaded new version for iPod and not been able to load game since. Says its connecting and then freezes. Not good.

  • Eric

    Can’t load my game… Error message: “Could not add MonsterHabitat (smallelectrichabitat) zt (27.0000000000000,9.00000000)-(30.00000000000,12.0000000)

    Help please!

    • fil

      This is exactly the error I received today. I’m a bit ticked off since I purchased the globe and now I can’t retrieve my diamonds. I hope someone can help us fix this issue.

  • Christian

    my game has been saying connection lost 4 almost 2days now nd i still can go on 2 play i tried evrything what seems to b the problem?

  • Roberta

    I have a big problem… Every time I try to log the game, appears an inscription that says “could not add MonsterHabitat (small air habitat) at (14.000000, 22.000000) – (19.000000, 27.000000)
    What do I have to do?
    Due this problem, I could not take diamonds for 2 days… Can you fix the problem soon?

  • Athéna

    I’ve bern block out of tiny monsters for three days now. I was hopping that with time it would pass but it didn’t. The error message is:
    ” Could not add Monster Habitat (smallwaterhabitat) at (21.000000, 20.000000) – (25.000000, 24.000000)”

    What does it mean and what can I do about it?

  • munstrrfan

    My games been unable to connect for a couple days and still cant connect this mornong.

    Please help!

  • beachball

    I tried to open my tiny monsters app and in the load screen this thing pops open and says bogus objective id. Has anyone else had this problem? My game will not even open up, and there is a little square box down in the corner of the same screen.

  • Maja

    For 5 days i have had problems. “Cant connect with The server” anybody who Can help!??!

  • hayley

    Is anyonw else having trouble loading tiny monsters? Havent been able to get on it for 2 days now, starts downloading then cuts off compleatly returning to main screen on device

    • Maja

      I have been out of “server contact” for 3-4 weeks now. I an i contact with tiny monster team, but thet are not getting any where. So i an missing out on a mor of monsters and The Valentine stuff. Please write them… Maybe they Can see it is a bigger problem!

      • hayley

        Thanks for responding, how do I get in touch with them?

        • hayley

          Hi again, I have finally got my tiny monsters to load by going in to google play store and found there was an update for tiny monster I clicked on the update and within minutes its all up and running again. Hope u have some luck too.!

  • Jacob

    my TINY monsters game only works for like 30 seconds then poof! its messed up can you plz hook it back up

  • megan

    My internet work but my tiny monsters game doesn’t when it comes to the opening screen it looks like it is loading but it just say error can not connect to server.

    • minime

      Same probleme here…

      • Momoski

        Same here
        iOS 7 on ipad

    • Alyssandra

      It might be broken

  • Haley

    My game keeps saying game error zero swf data size deer-s3-eat-014.swf what does it mean?

  • jessicaa


  • Pig-inator

    Mine’s different it loads up to 3/4ths and it just stops except for the music

  • Alyssandra

    1 question did you try seeing if the game server is broken??