Nov 232012

Tiny Monsters isn’t taking a break on Black Friday, instead they just released a brand new monster (Gift Monster) for players around the world . The Gift Monster is one of the most unique monsters in the game because it has “no evolution” yet. We’re not sure how to evolve or what type of special requirements needs to be fulfilled before you can evolve the monster but we’ll let you know once we find out. One thing is for sure, it looks like a gift box with legs.

The Gift Monster was released on November 23 2013 to players saying

“Season’s Greets!

Have you heard of the Gift Monster? A monster that can only be evolved to adult form in a giving environment, filled with holiday cheer! Check your goals to see how you can get a Gift Monster – and earn Diamonds!”

That being said, let’s go check out the quests section! In the quests section it says this.

“Joy of Giving
Get into the giving spirit by hatching a Gift Monster!”

The information is probably hinting that you can evolve your Gift Monster during Christmas, so be sure to come back to Tiny Monsters during Christmas holidays to see what has happened to the monster!

Check out more about the Gift Monster here

Tiny Monsters Gift Monsters Mystery of Giving

  11 Responses to “Tiny Monsters: Gift Monster for Christmas! Breed one today!”

  1. I bred one yesterdayy using a level 10 ice monster and a level 7 frostember. Got it on the second try. First try got me a mythic ice. Hatching it today! Ill post any updates

  2. I could only lvl it up to lvl 4?

  3. The lvl 4 issue you have to buy gifts and decorations and put it around the habitats there in so I’m told I can’t get one yet.

  4. You can feed it up to level 4 and then you have to buy a snowflake decoration and two stockings. Then the Explorer dude says he's researching how to get it to evolve. I suspect it won't happen until closer to Christmas.
    I got mine breeding Ice and Silk. Its name is Sniffles :p

  5. Just got 13 hours using a level 5 teen Snowbluff monster with a
    level 5 Frost monster, it’s a Holiday Monster!!!

  6. Ice and Silk –> Gift Monster after trying 4 times 😡

  7. I got mine without even breeding an Ice or an Ice hybrid. I think it's random. I did a mountain and a flower monster and got it.

  8. I got it with a Frost and ice. second try i got a gift ….but i can also Feed him until Level 4. aus?

  9. I got it with silk monster and teen snowbluff on the first try

  10. I tried 3days solid with ice and silk and got loads of ice monsters and 4 tundra monsters. I then tried ce and tundra got gift monster 3rd try

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