Nov 152012

Tiny Monsters has released the most hilarious and adorable monster ever for your Tiny Monsters mountaintop! The Frostbeam Monster will surely make you laugh as you see his nose grow like Pinocchio! That’s right a Pinocchio-like design offsets this monster in your mountaintop but don’t worry it’s not a human beast. It’s actually a sea creature.

Tiny Monsters Frostbeam Monster Adult

In this new release is a light and ice hybrid monster where you’ll be able to use those elements to breed the new monster for your mountaintop. Other monsters share the same elements of these monsters like the Aurora monster so you’ll probably be familiar with that monster if you’ve already gotten him now you can get this Frostbeam monster!

How to breed Frostbeam Monster (Learn more)

This sea creature is certainly the best monster to have for your mountaintop. It’s elements are as said above, light and ice. This means that it will share chances between other Light and Ice hybrids in the game and thus giving you odds for the Frostbeam monster and the other monsters.

To breed this Frostbeam monster we recommend using the Light Monster and the Ice Monster for a chance to get this monster into your mountaintop. The breeding time for this monster is 13 hours and that means another 13 hours for hatching. Once hatched you can place this monster into any Light or Ice habitat.

Keep in mind the breeding left or right does not matter, it takes time to breed certain monster and it is up to your game to be able to breed for this Frostbeam Monster. The Level of your monster also does not matter.

Learn more about the Frostbeam Monster here!

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