Nov 242012

The Limited Gift Monster is now available in Tiny Monsters mountaintop for players to breed! This gift monster is Tiny Monsters’s gift to players for the Christmas season so breed one for yourself! We’ve noted that this monster is unique because you cannot evolve the monster past level 4 just yet (November 24 2012).

Tiny Monsters Gift Monster Baby

Statement about the evolution of this gift monster has been noted below from the developers.

“Season’s Greets!

Have you heard of the Gift Monster? A monster that can only be evolved to adult form in a giving environment, filled with holiday cheer! Check your goals to see how you can get a Gift Monster – and earn Diamonds!”

How to breed Gift Monster

Let’s get into breeding the Gift Monster for your Tiny Monsters mountaintop. The Gift Monster is a single element monster in Tiny Monsters and represents the “Ice” element of monsters in the game. Unlike other special monsters, this monster is not a hybrid.

To breed for the Gift Monster you must use Ice-Hybrid Monsters and breed them with another monster for a chance to get the Gift Monster in the game.

If done correctly, you should be able to get a 13 hours breeding time. The monster then can go onto any Ice habitat.

Please keep in mind that this is a rare monster and that it may take a while to breed one for your mountaintop. The breeding selection of left or right in the breeding den does not matter. The Level of your monsters will also not affect your chances to get the monster.

The egg looks like a green egg with red gift wrapping.

Breeding Video

  11 Responses to “Tiny Monsters: How to breed Gift Monster”

  1. just got egg which takes 13hrs to hatch, hoping for the gift monster, I bred mythic ice and Frostember 🙂

    • I’m very sad. They have not fixed the dream room issue for the galaxy tablet from samsung yet and so my ice monsters remain stuck in the dream room. I say monsters cause when the first got stuck i figured i could just buy a second one a month or two later and id be able to breed it (cause i figured thet’d surly havethat bug fixed by then), but now three to four months latter and both my WOULD BE TEEN ICE MONSTERS REMAIN STUCK IN THE GAME ROOM. So apparentluy those of us with the samsung galaxy tablet dont get a chance at the gift monster if it happens to b our ice monster stuck in the dream room. i have thougt about trying it a third time but i just cant afford to buy diamonds for a fourth dream room slot even if ucould purchase one and since two monsters of the same type remain stuck in ther i dont care for my chances on a thrd one. this does not seem fair of Tiny Monsters to make a limited addition monster that those odf us with this issue will not b able to get.

      • I have the samsung Galaxy tablet and Ive got three gift monsters now at first tried three times no luck and then walaah! Three in a row using mythic ice and mythic silk

        • Wait a minute read again what do you mean stuck in dream room? I cannot do any social stuff game closes this game always has some issue but on and on I play!

  2. i just got one hatching now. bred ice and flurry.

  3. how to evolve it into adult.

  4. Does having a mythic ice improve my chances of getting a Christmas monsters

  5. I breed an Ice with a Wildfreeze and got one

  6. I just got it by breeding level 10 silk and level 10 mythic ice 🙂 three tries though!!!!

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