Nov 202012

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and in Tiny Monsters you can celebrate it with a Gratitude Monster that is only available for a limited time in your mountaintop.

Tiny Monsters Gratitude Monster

This new turkey monster looks exactly like a turkey (Fused with a cornucopia) but it’s back is filled with a bunch of goodies that no one knows if it refills on it’s own or does the Gratitude Monster go out to do its own shopping.  You’ll see on its back it’s like a basket holding a pumpkins, apples, corn, and other type of veggies that you’ll sometimes have during Thanksgiving.

How to breed Gratitude Monster (Learn More)

To breed the Gratitude Monster for Thanksgiving you must ensure that the monster is still available for breeding. Check your shop to see if it’s available there. If it’s not then chances are that the event is over until next year!

The Gratitude Monster is made up of two beginner elements, which are plant and earth. You can simply breed for one of these using really simple monsters like the Plant Monster and the Earth Monster in the breeding den. The breeding time for this Thanksgiving monster is 14 hours. If you get a 14 hours breeding time then chances are you have one breeding in your mountaintop.

You will also have chances of getting the Tree Monster or the Mountain Monster if you were not successful at breeding the Gratitude Monster.

Like all breeding combinations, the breeding order of the monsters being selected do not matter. The level of your monster being used to breed will also not increase or decrease your chances. It is up to luck and your game to give you the correct breeding time.

Learn more about the stats and information for Gratitude Monster in Tiny Monsters

Tiny Monsters How to breed Gratitude Thanksgiving Monster

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  1. I would like that I would go to the first

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  3. I bred a plant monster with a snowbluff monster and it was a success. I got the gratitude monster first try.

  4. Got 2 using cinder and plant

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