Jun 242012

Have you been wondering how to breed this legendary Light Monster for your Tiny Monsters game? Well the secrets to breeding the Light Monsters in your Tiny Monsters mountaintop is out! Some players may feel that its a difficult breed but you need to understand that the Light Monster is one of those incredible monsters with their own element, much like the Shadow Monster.

The new element that the Light Monster carries is the element of “Light” into your Tiny Monsters game. Many players will think that with an introduction of a new element, there will be an number of new monsters but know that you cannot breed the Light Monster with any other monster just yet. We know, you want to see cool new light-type monsters that that looks awesome but there hasn’t been news on if that will happen.

If you want to know how to breed the light monster then know that the light monster in Tiny Monster requires you to have two different hybrid elements for a chance to get the Light Monster, much like the Legendary Monster. That means you will have a chance at getting the Light Monster when using any two different hybrid elements. The breeding time should be 5 hours and it should cost 6 Diamonds for breeding and have the same time for hatching. Once you have bred and hatched the Light Monster, it can go into the small light habitat.


Tiny Monsters - Light Monster Evolution

Tiny Monsters: Light Monster Breeding Video

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