Sep 072012

The new Fabled Lighthorn Monster has definitely taken many players by surprise as Tiny Monsters feels as if its developing it’s own style of monster collecting game. What started out as a building/breeding game has now taken a turn into evolution and evolving. It’s actually quite a unique idea and its definitely different.

Tiny Monsters - Lighthorn Monster Baby

The Lighthorn Monster is one of those “special” monsters that has the ability to transform and evolve once it reaches a certain level and we don’t mean simply evolving. The Lighthorn monster is special. It has the ability to become a monster that is closer to the elements of Light or Shadow. Depending on your luck, you can evolve your Lighthorn monster into a Shadowmare Monster (More Shadow element based) or a Goldenhorn Monster (Light element based). Both of these monsters are amazing but we’re here to learn how to breed this cool Lighthorn Monster, so let us begin.

How to breed Lighthorn Monster

To breed the Lighthorn Monster, you must first have the Light Monster and the Shadow Monster. This is because the Lighthorn Monster has the main elements of Light and Shadow. As a result, you must have at least both monsters before you are able to breed for this monster.

Once you have the required monsters, simply place the Light Monsters and the Shadow Monster into the breeding den for a chance to get the Lighthorn Monster, the monster’s breeding time is 12 hours and that is also the same for hatching time. You will get a mystic like below that represents you have a Lighthorn Monster hatching into your mountaintop.

Tiny Monsters Lighthorn Monster Egg

Once you’ve hatched your Lighthorn Monster, you can place him into a Shadow or Light habitat.

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  3 Responses to “Tiny Monsters: How to breed Lighthorn Monster”

  1. You can't breed the light with the shadow.

  2. Use Soar and Shadow….I got it first try

  3. I said the same thing this morning, it will not let u breed light & shadow. Thanks Bruce, I also got it on the first time with Soar(my fav) & Shadow, Thanks!!!

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