Apr 192012

Tiny Monsters UpdateTiny Monsters has just released three new quests to help build your monsters island. If you haven’t heard about Tiny Monsters then let us summarize it in one or two sentences. Tiny Monsters is a game that allow players to build and breed epic & mythical creatures on an island top. Sounds pretty easy doesn’t? it is, so if you haven’t grabbed your copy then you should definitely pick it up in the app store.

Below are all new quests that were recently released by TinyCo to help you gain more experience and food for your daily tasks in Tiny Monsters. Most of the new quests will require you to evolve your monsters to the adult form before you gain their rewards. Good luck breeding.

Fire Specialty
Grow 5 Fire Hybrids to Level 10!
7,500 coins

Roaring Earth
Earth is the eldest element, but the wisest? Evolve an Adult Earth monster to find out!
400 Food

Growing Roots
Seeking the Tree of Wisdom? Let’s evolve your Plant monster to an adult!
400 food

Heart of Cold
The Ice monster’s heart warms up by the hour. Evolve yours to Adult and gain a

Pure energy
Energize your Electric monster. evolve it to an adult and watch those sparks!

Waterfall of Wisdom
Explore the ocean deep! Evolve your Water monster into an adult

Air of Maturity

Time to grow real wings! Evolve an Air Monster into an Adult

Beginning Breeding
Breed 5 times to better under the mysterious wars of the Breeding Den!
1,620 XP
500 Food

Water Specialty
Grow 5 Water Hybrids to Level 10!
10,400 XP
19,200 Coins

  5 Responses to “Tiny Monsters New Quests “Evolve to Adult””

  1. I've got 6 fire hybrids at level 10 and I haven't gotten reward :(

  2. what the flip is a hybrid I think I have 18?

  3. I have that too, I am thinking though they are mixed with a fire monster, they are not fire hybrids…. currently looking into it.

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