Apr 232012

Tiny Monsters Update 1.1 was just released today. If you were experiencing lag issues or bugs within your game, know that the new update will fix all that. If you continue to experience problems please post in the forums to let other players know about your problem so the bugs are documented.

What’s New in Version 1.1

★ Squashed a bunch of bugs related to Breeding, Quests, and sloooooooooow monsters!*
★ Your Dream Room will now display hibernation progress bars for each sleeping monster.
★ Find out exactly what habitats to get when your newly-hatched monsters don’t have a home.
★ Enjoy even MORE quests!

*No Bug monsters were harmed in the development of Tiny Monsters 1.1.

You can download the update straight from iTunes here.

  3 Responses to “Tiny Monsters Update 1.1, Bug Fixes”

  1. Now can you fix the feeding and habitat probs?

  2. My tiny monsters game won’t open

  3. Can’t connect to the server

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