May 112012

TinyCo Inc. loves their players, that’s why they have more Bonus Food and more monsters! Tiny Monsters players are you ready for new monsters from the best monster breeding game in the App Store by TinyCo Inc? We certainly are. At Gameteep we never stop to bring the latest and best news possible for Tiny Monsters players, and TinyCo Inc. doesn’t stop bringing you the best possible monsters for your Tiny Monsters app game too!

Released today are three brand new amazing monsters by TinyCo Inc and let us tell you it’s surely amazing to have one of these in your island! The three new monsters for the Tiny Monsters app game is Zephyr, Shockwave, and Seacliff!

These monsters are certainly amazing and definitely a slight to see for any breeders in Tiny Monsters. What you will notice about these new monsters for Tiny Monsters is that they are exceptionally adorable and that they are perfect for the Tiny Monsters fans and players.

Tiny Monsters Zephyr Monster Baby

Zephyr Monster

The Zephyr Monster is a butterfly like monster that looks amazingly beautiful. If you check the monsters out in your market you will see that it is one of the three newly released monsters for May 11th 2012.

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Tiny Monsters - Shockwave Monster Baby



Shockwave Monster

The Shockwave Monster is the second of the three monsters released by TinyCo Inc. On May 11th 2012. It is a beautiful seahorse that anyone would want swimming in their Tiny Monsters Island. If you look at the design of the Shockwave Monster it is probably the coolest monster out of the three that is targeted towards male players that love cool monsters.

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Tiny Monsters - Seacliff Monster

Seacliff Monster

The Seacliff Monster is the last of the trio of monsters released by TinyCo Inc. on May 11th 2012. If you haven’t seen what’s released together with the seacliff monster then let us tell you. The Seacliff Monster was released into Tiny Monsters along with the Zephyr Monster and the Shockwave Monster, both amazingly designed monsters. The Seacliff Monster is definitely no exception because which player wouldn’t love having a seacliff monster in their Tiny Monsters Island?

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  1. That’s great, but where are we gong to put them. When ar they going to produce an island upgrade?

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