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Tiny Monsters is a brand new breeding game just like the popular DragonVale breeder simulation game. In Tiny Monsters, you won’t be breeding dragons yet amazing monsters that will be filling up your islands on your new iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. If you are a DragonVale fan then chances are that you will feel right at home breeding these Tiny Monsters. There are the same elements such as Fire, Plant, Earth and so forth – unfortunately there is no rainbow. What they do have in place of the rainbow is “special” which means that any Monsters that do not fall into the category of elements in Tiny Monsters will be placed into the special category.

If you are wondering what is special about Tiny Monsters and what have players found different about Tiny Monsters then check out the Tiny Monsters links below. You will find that there is a special monster called Legendary Monster which only a limited number of breeders know how to breed so get ready to breed those special monsters as they become available in Tiny Monsters!

Editor’s Notes *Important*

Tiny Monsters was released before 1.0.2 but was only available to a limited number of people in different parts of the world. Players have noted that in 1.0 and 1.0.1 that there has been price changes with the release of each versions. If you find that the price are not matching to your version then please disregard it. However the breeding of the monsters for Tiny Monsters are mostly the same for all versions.
Beginner’s Notes

  1. Beginner’s Guide

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  1. You haven’t written how to breed the legendary monster. İs this some kind of trolling for god’s sake?

  2. Nice site and good overview.

    But maybe it would be good, to list the links to the forum (http://www.gameteep.com/tiny-monsters/621078/) and the teepbook (http://www.gameteep.com/teepbook/tiny-monsters/621078) here as well
    Greets Asco

  3. Just wondering when all the pages will be updated with mythical stats & pics.

  4. Will there ever be away to see what other players levels are ?or visits there mountains

  5. Common Monsters
    1 Fire Monster
    2 Earth Monster
    3 Plant Monster
    4 Ice Monster
    5 Electric Monster
    6 Water Monster
    7 Air Monster
    8 Shadow Monster
    9 Light Monster

    Hybrid Fire Monsters.
    Cinder Monster (earth).
    Flower Monster (plant).
    Frozenflame Monster (ice).
    Flare Monster (electric).
    Burst Monster (water).
    Flamegust Monster (air).

    Hybrid Earth Monsters.
    Magma Monster (fire).
    Mountain Monster (plant).
    Snowbluff Monster (ice).
    Thunder Monster (electric).
    River Monster (water).
    Tempest Monster (air).
    Windstone Monster (air).
    Memorial Monster (ice, earth) (LIMITED EDITION).

    Hybrid Plant Monsters.
    Bug Monster (fire).
    Tree Monster (earth).
    Silk Monster (ice).
    Sporespark Monster (electric).
    Pond Monster (water).
    Pollen Monster (air).

    Hybrid Ice Monsters.
    Frostember Monster (fire).
    Frost Monster (earth).
    Tundra Monster (plant).
    Flashfreeze Monster (electric).
    Freeze Monster (water).
    Zephyr Monster (air).
    Aurora Monster (light).

    Hybrid Electric Monsters•.
    Strike Monster (fire).
    Earthquake Monster (earth).
    Voltleaf Monster (plant).
    Spark Monster (ice).
    Surge Monster (water).
    Tailwind Monster (air).

    Hybrid Water Monsters.
    Spitfire Monster (fire).
    Seacliff Monster (earth).
    Bayou Monster (plant).
    Icefloe Monster (ice).
    Shockwave Monster (electric).
    Puff Monster (air).

    Hybrid Air Monsters.
    Inferno Monster (fire).
    Flitter Monster (plant).
    Flurry Monster (ice).
    Bolt Monster (electric).
    Vapor Monster (water).
    Sonar Monster (shadow).
    Soar Monster (light).
    Independence Monster (air, fire) (LIMITED EDITION).

    Hybrid Light Monsters.
    Sun Monster (fire).

    Sunstone Monster (earth).

    Hybrid Shadow Monsters.
    Embershade Monster (fire).
    Brimstone Monster (earth).

    Special Monsters
    Legendary Monster (special).