Tiny Monsters: Air Monster


“Explorer Phineas Alexander once dubbed the Air Monster the “sailboat of the sky,” noting, “Their wings could eclipse the sun.” Light glitters off their ruby-colored wings, casting dazzling designs upon the world below. Their docile nature allows visitors to closely interact with them without fear of being flown away.” -Air Monster Game Description

The Air Monster in Tiny Monsters is one of the most unique monsters out of the elements. The pink color on it’s egg and body will have female Tiny Monsters players jumping for joy when they find this cute little monster breeding in their breeding den. This pink Air Monster requires exactly 26 hour breeding and hatching time and gives you 6800 experience points upon placing it into your air habitat for Tiny Monsters.

If you are looking to purchase this monster, it will cost you 185 diamonds and can sell for 2600 coins. However, like all great Tiny Monsters breeders, you can breed one using multiple elements, suggested elements are the Fire Monster and the Water Monster. You must be level 20 to unlock and breed this monster.  

Update: However, like all great Tiny Monsters breeders, you can breed one using hybrids. Previously you can breed it directly using Fire Monster and the Water Monster but now you may need to use hybrids to successfully breed the Air Monster. Suggested combination is flare monster and freeze monster.

air monster egg

air monster baby
air monster teen

air monster adult
Tiny Monsters - Air Monster

Hatching Time: 26 Hours
Buying Price: 185 Tiny Monsters - Diamonds or 37Tiny Monsters - Diamonds
Selling Price:  2,600 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Placement XP: 6,800Tiny Monsters - XP
Habitat: Air Habitat
Level Requirement: 20
Teen Tuck In Time/Wait: 14 Hours
Adult Tuck In Time/Wait: 37 Hours

Air Monster breeding guide

Purchase in the market – Breeding using fire and air monsters no longer effective as of April 14th 2012.

Update: You can breed the air monster using hybrid monsters that have the fire element and the water element within the combination. Direct breed is no longer possible.

Air Monster Earnings

Level Earnings Per Minute
Level 1 11Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 2 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 3 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 4 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 5 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 6 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 7 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 8 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 9 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 10  80Tiny Monsters - Coins

Tiny Monsters - Air Monster

    • Jessica

      I got it breeding Earthquake and Thunder. I was trying for Grimbolt and got this instead. First time breeding these two since I attained a high enough level to access the Air monster. No diamonds spent.

      • fernanda

        i got the mythic air monster but i don’t remember but i got the normal air monster by breeding an adult cinder and a adult flower

  • Bowlfullofcherries

    No, breeding hybrids really does work. I bred Blaze with River and got a 26 hr breeding time. There’s a hint in the ‘quest’ description that suggests that the Air monster is still breed-able and it is.

    • Bowlfullofcherries

      I meant ‘Flare’ not ‘Blaze’. Apologies.

  • Fag

    So bullshit fuck the game

    • awsome aidan

      shutup bull shit asshole tuck you.

  • mahee

    this is crap,,, it is one of the main elements and they pull this shit,,,
    wellll… i think we should all transfer to dragonvale,, at least they don’t pull this bs,, they give you all the main elements for coins,,,
    it pisses me off,, because like all of you i really like the game too….
    oh well,,, f#$% this,,, there are lots of other games out there that don’t pull this shit….
    i recommend dragonvale… it is cool and keeps updating new dragons all the time,,, and although they have some tough ones to breed,,, you can still do it….
    lots of good game there,,,,,,

    • Maji

      Now there’s a stupid comment..! In dragonvale the air dragon Will cost you 500 gems equal to around 23$, But Can (just like the air monster) be bread using fire and water and isn’t that hard to get. That said, dragonvale is fun and graphics are better – why not play both? Gives you something to do while whaiting for incubation and breeding to finish 🙂

    • Charlotte

      Yeah dragon vale is a lot better. I do feel like Tiny Monsters is a lot more money hungry with constant ads etc.

      Also the food on Tiny Monsters takes longer than dragonvale for a lot less food… And Monsters need more food than dragons so getting high level monsters would take so much time.

      Plus a lot of the Tiny Monsters aren’t very nice to look at, but most dragons are.

      But… I agree with the dude that said play both, then you always have something to do xx

  • Serena

    I tired the bug and frost monsters and got an air egg.

  • Nic

    I got Air breeding Flare and River at level 20.

  • Tiny mom

    Mountain + earthquake = AIR
    1st try

    • Diego

      Thanks!!! 1st try indeed
      I was loosing faith… Got shadow and light first

  • Tiny mom

    Mountain + earthquake = AIR
    Tried many suggested combinations, but this one worked 1st try

  • Michele

    FINALLY got air using earthquake and river……good luck

  • Frustrated AIR

    MOUNTAIN + EARTHQUAKE = first try… I was about to give up on this game cause I spent days wasting time on different combinations but this worked!

    Also, it kind of makes sense when you think about it – mountain + earthquake elements combining to make air! 🙂

      • Leon Evans

        The Air Monster seems to not follow the rule of having a water and fire monster. It can be assumed that this is a random monster as long as there is multiple elements within your breeding

      • Scott

        It seems like it will be an air with 26 hours breeding.

  • Amina

    A snowbluff and a frost monster worked the first time got the air x

  • joy

    earthquake and mountain, first try, mythic too!

  • Hector

    Frost and Flare FTW :DDDDD no Water needed, too hot like that lawl xD

  • Ari

    I think I got air. 26 breeding time. But air for 37 diamonds is BS. It’s a main element. Hello?

  • Hi

    Try tree and mountain monster to get air I got it on my first try

  • Yumi

    I tried a flower monster with a mountain monster and I got the air monster

  • Harry

    Wtf i got legendary from flare +freeze XD lol

  • Aidan Obrien

    How do you get a spitfire

    • Brand

      I used a water and a cinder trying to get an air but got a spitfire

  • Fergus

    It took me absolutely AGES to get but finally its in my breeding cave and has been for a few minutes
    I hot it with about lvl7 cinder and river

  • TM Helper

    I got the air monster from level 10 Cinder and level 8 Snowbluff. Gave me 26 hours to breed.

  • Amu

    WOAH WOAH this is a page for Tiny Monster lovers dont be puttin ur rage on this page, if ur mad than LEAVE everyone is trying hard to get an air monster, including me. Just stay focused, who knows u mite get an air. people who have an air monster are kindly giving advice, they stayed calm and got one, cussing on this page doesnt solve anything if ur gonna be doing it again, then LEAVE O__O Now, will anyone tell me how to get the air monster?? 🙂

    • Jeannie

      I got an air monster with mountain and tree and with flower and mountain both only took one try.

  • adi

    i got air monster yesterday by breeding flower monster and mountain monster both adult.

  • Dez

    Freeze teen + surge teen. = Air

  • adi

    adult frost + teen cinder =air

  • andrewmonstera drew

    I used level 7 mythic flower monster and a level 10 fully fed regular mountain monster

  • M

    “The pink color on it’s egg and body will have female Tiny Monsters players jumping for joy”

    REALLY? What kind of sexist bullshit is that? Jesus.

  • chica

    Cinder and snowbluff monster = air

  • Adi

    I trying to get the legendary monster but instead I got three times the air monster. once by flower + mountain earthquake +frost first time and frost +cinder

  • Anna

    I’m a lvl 16 and I just got an air monster by breeding flower and magma. I’m waiting for it to hatch. Could it live with the fire monsters?

    • awsome aidan

      .no it has too be in a air habitat good luck.

    • danny

      It lives in the legendary habitat

  • Loki

    I was just messing around and bred teen octopus (whatever it’s called) + adult frost and got air.

  • Kortell

    Agreed I love dragonvale and tiny monsters

  • tori

    I got air on accident trying to breed the legendary from flower and mountain (level, stage, and mythic rly doesnt matter, ppl); didn’t even know you could get air w/o buying (which I wasn’t going to do). I’m actually happier to have gotten the air 🙂

  • I love you!! Xoxo❤❤


    • I love you!! Xoxo❤❤

      MOUNTAIN + EARTHQUAKE= AIR!!!! 1st try

  • Greeneyedgoldie

    Just bred Frost + Magma and got 26 hours first try. Assume it’s an Air.

  • Sasha

    I got it by breeding Blackice 5early level and Brimstone 5early level at first try.

  • NightmaresKiss

    I bred a silk and holly monster got 26 hours. Is it an air or what? :/ dragonvale is way better. And it has an amazing guide.But there needs to be one for tiny monsters, that is worth it.

  • Adu

    Yayy got mine after losing all my faith in ever breeding it 😀 tried to breed shadow and got MYTHIC air instead
    used earthquake lvl 10 left and freeze lvl 5 right
    Good luck guys! Now i need shadow, i guess i should try getting some other monster and then ill defo get shadow 😀 murphys law

    • candice cook

      I got my shadow from breeding flare lvl 5 and freeze lvl 5 on third try..

    • Aislinn

      I got shadow with frostmember and the fire+water octopus thing I forgot it’s name but that worked three times in a row lol

  • frgbv

    Level 10 bug left level 10 flower right 1st try:)

  • marioman

    im still trying to get air ive been trying for a month now XD

  • krystle

    I got air by breeding flower (fire+plant) and tundra (ice+plant)

  • Tori

    I got the air monster instantly with my mythical tundra monster and cinder monster lol I was trying for frostember but still awesome 😀

  • Air!

    Level 10 tree and level 10 mythic mountain. Im pretty sure non have to be mythic but mine was. Took me 3 attempt but I got it.

  • danny

    If any one wants a legendary I got the formula here: teen flower +teen bug=legendary (like tinyco could stop me)

  • insanity

    Earthquake +thunder=air
    Mountain +earthquake =air
    Flare +river=air

  • abigail

    I got air with adult tree and adult mountain on third try!

  • lanne

    I hot a air monster using a mountain monster and a flower monster both adult

  • Lizzierocks786

    I breezed air and mythic fire and water and it worked fine. Add me on tiny monsters and gift me plz!! I will gift you too! Every person that gives me a gift I will gift them everyday thnx! My name is : A583

  • Lizzierocks786

    I meant I breeded air using mythic fire and water. Xo

  • Zara

    I tried drangon vale and it sucks so shut up people who say tiny monsters is crap for me its a great game and for air I got by breading a frost monster+ flare monster

  • Tryvus O’Nei

    I just got it using Tree and Bug.

  • Alexis

    I got it by using Merry and Freeze monsters