Tiny Monsters: Beginner’s Guide


Beginning Tiny Monsters isn’t a difficult process – especially if you played DragonVale but there are elements in Tiny Monsters new creating a fresh experience for players. If you are absolutely new to the games of breeding and building parks/islands/zoos or whatever you want to call it then let us guide you. We will talk about some of the very basic elements of playing this game to the in-depth “pro” players that are well known in the game.

The very first thing and probably the most important thing to mention about Tiny Monsters by TinyCo is that your game as of version 1.0.2 cannot be reset. That is correct, if you started your game already then it is vital to make your way through the game correct or you may need to purchase a new device. That being said, let’s begin Tiny Monsters by understanding the basics.


There are three currencies in Tiny Monsters, coins, blue diamonds, and good. These currencies are used to supply your park with monsters and used to feed your monster or speed up their “processing time”.

Silver CoinsTiny Monsters - Coins

Whatever you want to call the coins but they look like this  Tiny Monsters - Coins. These coins are used to purchase some of the most basic elemental creatures and you can obtain them throughout the game by waiting for your monster’s habitat to fill up with these coins. Each set of monster has different earning rates that will be gained in your habitat as time passes by.

Blue DiamondTiny Monsters - Diamonds

Blue Diamonds are the crystal like diamond like things that you use when you want to do something “special”. For example, you can speed up your egg’s hatching process, buy special items, and even buy creatures that you find difficult to breed. That being said these blue diamonds are definitely the premium currency in Tiny Monsters.

Blue Diamonds can be obtained through completing quests and just playing the game but you won’t get a huge amount. The best possible way to get blue diamonds in Tiny Monsters is to buy them through the Tiny Monsters store.

FoodTiny Monsters - Food

Food is what you feed your monsters in Tiny Monsters. You can gain food by using your farm and planting various crops which will eventually become food in your island. You feed your monsters food because they will evolve and earn you more income [Money].



The big portion to any breeding game is their dragons- I mean monsters, well not exactly but creatures.  Anyways in Tiny Monsters they are Monsters. You will be breeding and hatching cool monsters into your mountain top island where they will do crazy funny and unique animations making it absolutely amazing. There are 7 core elements in Tiny Monsters and that will be listed below.

Tiny Monsters - Screen

Fire Monsters [Fire Element]

Earth Monsters [Earth Element]

Plant Monsters [Plant Element]

Ice Monsters [Ice Element]

Electric Monsters [Electric Element]

Water Monsters [Water Element]

Air Monsters [Air Element]

Special Monsters [Special Element]

The special monsters are probably the only section that needs explaining, the rest are pretty self-explanatory to their element. The monster that everyone is looking to find and breed is the legendary monster.  This legendary monster is the rarest of all monsters and some even believe that there is only a limited amount of special ways to get this legendary monster. TinyCo has made it clear that this monster won’t be easy to find but who knows, it may be hidden under the next rock or tree you chop down.

We won’t spoil the fun for you so have fun finding the legendary monster in your Tiny Monsters Island. However there are hints on how to get it deep within our legendary monster section.



What are habitats in Tiny Monsters? Habitats are basically homes of the monster you are trying to breed; of course it has to match the element. There are a total of 7 different elemental habitats and a special one of course. For example, a fire monster can only go into a fire habitat, but if you have a flower monster [fire + plant] you may place the flower monster either on the plant habitat or the fire habitat.


Evolving Monster, or Monster Evolution?

In Tiny Monsters to evolve your monster, you must “Tuck In” the monster in the dreaming room and wait for him to “sleep” then wake up evolved as a Teen or an Adult.

Tiny Monsters Evolve Tuck In Dreaming Room

You can tuck in your Tiny Monsters monsters at level 5 and level 8. There is a wait time for the tuck in so sit tight.

These are probably the most important things you need to know when starting Tiny Monsters so hope this has helped you and begin your adventure in Tiny Monsters!

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  1. Thx this helped my sis alot

  2. gameteep helps me all the time ; – ]

  3. why we only one breeding den? and even after we grow tens levels higher? will that be a time that we can have another breeding cave like dream room and nursery?

  4. I'm up to level 18 & have 13 monsters up to level 10 & so far still only have 1 breeding den & no option of getting another.


  6. whenever I go to place my earth egg into its habitat after hatching it my game freezes up and shuts off?

  7. does anyone know how to breed a air montsre.

  8. does anyone know how to breed a air monster

  9. Breed Flare with Spark to get Air.

  10. in my menu, i don’t have the “featured” or the “expansion” buttons open to me. they are there but i can’t click them. and i also don’t have the option to build a mythic cave. on level 19. i have an Android galaxy sII. does anyone know why this is?

  11. This may be a stupid question… I have an egg ready to hatch, it tells me I need an air habitat but there are none available to buy am I missing something? Is this a special den required egg??

  12. When you unlock a higher level you will see the air habitat available. Same thing happened to me with a shadow monster. Got it at level 23 but habitat wasn’t unlocked until level 26 so I had to sit on it til then.

  13. how you supposed to get a frozen flame if monsters are not compatible?

    • You have to breed a fire hybrid and and ice, that’s what I did anyways. Apparently he’s very hard to breed tho, good luck.

      • Breed frostember with fire, you will get a bunch of 5 second eggs, and maybe an 8 hour frostember egg, but if you stick with it you will get a 7 hour hatch time, that is your frozen flame. Only took a day for me.

  14. I am having a problem breeding the frozenblaze frozenflame. Iceflare and wildfreeze. Help?

    • Okay, well i have a FrozenFlame and to breed it I believe you must use…..An Ice Hybrid… Mine was the icey looking bear XD and then use a fire monster too.
      So here’s how mine went. Fire Lion + Ice Bear ( actually kinda looks like a monkey…. ) =
      FROZENFLAME!!!!!! 😀

  15. My big fire habitat is just a little hole whether I buy or upgrade can someone help please

  16. What are the elder expansions? Im level 51 n have the 8 placed from level 50 but quest say place new 1’s. Can’t find them

  17. I bought the holiday stockings for the monsters do they actually do anything are they of any use or do they just take up space

  18. I already have a legendary monster I just need to know how to breed it with other monsters please help

  19. Does anyone have any idea what the grayish black and orange monster in the background is when you first open the game? It’s the one one with wing like ears and tail, and some sort of collar with a star on it.

  20. This might be a stupid question but what do they mean when they say “hybrid” like it doesn’t make sense to me please help

    • A hybrid is a mix of two races. If you breedtwo different monsters, there’s 99% chance you’ll get a hybrid.

  21. What is the meaning of small icons versus the larger ones when it comes to breeding two different monsters? Ex: large earth leaf and small electric bolt. If reversed, large electric bolt and small earth leaf? Am I clear enough?

    • Well, there is a reverse of every hybrid so….. I think that it is just showing that monster Ab is different than monster Ba. Kapesh?

  22. Um, I bred my FrozenFlame and My fire Lion and it took like two seconds and an egg was available… but I already have an egg in my nursery, no diamonds to speak of. What do I do?
    And does anybody know what my egg will look like?
    Any suggestions on the egg outcome possibilities or suggestions on my egg problem are welcome. Please help.

  23. How do you put items in storage because when I click it it comes up with an empty screen with no option to add anything to it?

    • Touch the move button, select the item, look at the right side of your screen, there should be a few options, 1 of them is store, touch it and there you go.

  24. Touch the move button, select the item, look at the right side of your screen, there should be a few options, 1 of them is store, touch it and there you go.

  25. What’s an easy way to get diamonds

  26. GUTOKO

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