Tiny Monsters: Blue Joy Monster


The Blue Joy Monster in Tiny Monster was introduced on March 21 2013 as part of Tiny Monsters Plant element monsters. Today’s monster holds an element of Plant and only plant! This monster features a egg design. It’s actually represents the spirit of an egg hatching for Easter, the Great Egg Hunt.

If you haven’t seen the  Monster then know that it features a daisy as its design and it’s actually quite unique compared to the other monsters that have spawn into our mountaintops.

“Tradition holds that hatching the cheerful Joy Monster is fraught with excitement and surprise: one can never tell what the Monster will become when it evolves out of its egg form.” -Blue Joy Monster Game Description

 Tiny Monsters Plant Element

Tiny Monsters - Blue Joy Monster

Release Date: March 21 2013
Breeding Time: 11 Hours
Hatching Time: 11 Hours
Selling Price:  900Tiny Monsters - Coins
Habitat: Earth, Plant Habitat
Unlock Level:10

 Tuck In Time:  7 Hours
 Tuck In Time:    Hours


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Tiny Monsters: Blue Joy Monster Key Features

  • Plant creature
  • Egg for Easter
  • Blue
  • Plant Elements
  • Plant Habitat placement
  • 11 hours breeding/ hatching time

Blue Joy Monster breeding guide

The Monster in Tiny Monster can be bred using the key elements which are Plant and Plant.

If you want to breed the Monster then you must use a Any Plant Hybrid Monster and a Any Plant Hybrid Monsterin the breeding den. The breeding time for the Monster should be 11 Hours.

They must be hybrids!

Tested combination are:

  • Purple Joy Monster + Yellow Joy Monster
Please keep in mind the breeding order of left or right does not matter and the level of your monsters breeding also does not matter. It is up to luck to give you an opportunity at getting this monster.

Blue Joy Monster Evolution

If you want to evolve your  Monster then be sure to level your Blue Joy Monster to level 5 for a teen Blue Joy Monster then level the Blue Joy Monster to level 8 for the adult form.

Blue Joy Monster Earnings

Level Earnings Level Earnings
Level 1  7 Level 6  31
Level 2  16 Level 7  33
Level 3  22 Level 8
Level 4  26 Level 9
Level 5  28 Level 10  Tiny Monsters - Coins

Blue Joy Monster Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Level Food
Level 1  50 Level 6  950
Level 2  75 Level 7
Level 3 100 Level 8
Level 4  250 Level 9
Level 5  500 Level 10 Tiny Monsters -Food

Tiny Monsters Blue Joy Monster Evolution Pictures

Egg Baby
 Tiny Monsters - Blue Joy Monster
Teen Adult


  9 Responses to “Tiny Monsters: Blue Joy Monster”

  1. I got purple joy

  2. How? What did you breed?

  3. Just got Mountain (8)+ Tree (8) = Yellow and BLUE!

  4. I got all 3 joy monsters by putting Merry with Frozenflame. Didn`t evolve any yet though…

  5. i tryed to do tundra monster &silk monster and ended up getting a plant monster

  6. I put tundra and silk and got a very light blue joy monster… I haven’t seen one like it any where else yet..

  7. I breed a flower and mountain monster to get a blue joy monster and a legendary monster

    • i also got a blue joy. i’ve been trying to get a legendary monster for months now and it seems like i get everything but a legendary. i honestly didn’t expect to get a blue joy with the combo.

  8. Does a Blue Joy (Epiphany) monster ever evolve out of an egg? I have an egg in adult form. How do you get it to evolve if it does?

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