Tiny Monsters: Bug Monster


“After decades of exploration, Horticulturist T.J. Worthington and animal tamer Lawrence Edgar Elliott III believed they finally found the perfect way to protect plant and animal life from the dangers of forest fires. An accidental discovery, the Bug Monster couples plantlike subsistence living with a controlled flame for defense.” -Bug Monster Game Description

The Tiny Monsters Bug Monster is also known as the Mantis, the fire burning mantis to be exact. It is one of the beginner monsters in Tiny Monsters that is unlocked when you reach level 4. You cannot breed it immediately though, because your breeding den is available at level 8 so it might take some time before you have access to the tool you need so hang in there!

When you do have access to the breeding den for the bug monster it is time to place the correct combinations of monsters to breed your bug monster. You need your plant monster then your fire monster to go into your breeding den, it takes 5 hours to breed this bug monsters so take some time and wait. Once the breeding and hatching process has been completed its time to place your new bug monster into the correct habitats! You can place the bug monster into the plant or fire habitat and upon placing them you will get 1200 experience for breeding the bug monster. If you think breeding the bug monster is hard you can alternatively buy it for 300 diamonds.

Tiny Monsters - Bug Monster
Hatching Time: 5 Hours
Buying Price: 300 Tiny Monsters - Diamonds or 60Tiny Monsters - Diamonds
Selling Price:  400 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Placement XP: 1200Tiny Monsters - XP
Habitats: Plant, Fire
Level Requirement: 4 or ??
Teen Tuck In Time/Wait: 3 Hours
Adult Tuck In Time/Wait: 15 Hours

Bug Monster breeding guide
To breed a Bug Monster simply use a Plant monster and a Fire monster in the breeding den. You will either get a bug monster or a flower monster.

Bug Monster Earnings

Level Earnings Per Minute
Level 1 11Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 2 19Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 3 26Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 4 33Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 5 41Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 6 48Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 7 56Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 8 64Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 9 71Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 10  80Tiny Monsters - Coins

Food/Feed Amount

Level Food Requirement
Level 1 10Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 2 25Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 3 35Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 4 45Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 5 55Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 6 65Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 7 75Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 8 85Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 9 95Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 10 MaxTiny Monsters -Food

Tuck In Time

Teen Tuck In Time/Wait: 3 Hours

Adult Tuck In Time/Wait: 15 Hours

Tiny Monsters - Bug Monster

  20 Responses to “Tiny Monsters: Bug Monster”

  1. yea me too I tried to breed it like 8 times and all I get is that flower …

  2. This is bullshit…. I’ve done it like 4 times and got the stupid Flower monster EVERY time…..

  3. I got the other one the torch kind one hot pink one with fire first you need to press the lion on the left then press the leaf monster on the right

  4. I just got a bug egg after breeding my plant and flower monster together soooo excited

  5. I got after like 5 timeS

  6. Everyone, try fire and flower monster, works for me, i got it after first try o.o me thinking: if fire and fire cancel each other out, then one of the elements has to be fire, then add in plant, high possibility 70% bug……… in game: bug me: YAY!!! im so smart 😎

  7. Haha got it first try adult fire monster and adult flower monster, actually worked…… O_O

  8. No. I tried adult fire and adult flower … I got a mythic fire egg 3 times . And I tried flipping the sides.. I got a regular fire egg . O.o

  9. tried it and tried it again…flower every time

  10. To get bug breed tree and magma

  11. Or plant and fire

  12. I did it before watching to see what it is

  13. How to breed magma: fire,earth

  14. my goal in tiny monsters is to get iceflow and frozenflame

  15. i have all the legendaryes all the normals all the mythics and im level 98 i only have 40000 crystals left thow look me up to see herosmash videos not tiny monsters but please rate comment and subscribe look up levilewis01 click here to go to my page hope u like by the way the first 40000th subscriber to get 42K i no its not alote but thats all i have on RUNESCAPE BY THE WAY c=

  16. I got it on my first try by breeding a fire and plant monster.

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