Tiny Monsters: Egg Chart


Tiny Monsters players love eggs, well Tiny Monsters eggs anyways. Here you will find all the eggs in Tiny Monsters in this official Gameteep Tiny Monsters Egg Chart. This Tiny Monsters Egg chart is compiled with monsters released up to May 1st 2012, and will be updated  as needed. It is recommended that Tiny Monsters players check out the Teepbook Wiki Pages for updated eggs.

Tiny Monsters All Egg Chart - Gameteep



    • Cameron hewitt

      I have to I got it out from my breeding Dean I breeder luck and water the egg had moss on the top and was a light rock with cracks

    • GameteepTeam


      Does it look like this egg?

      Unfortunately we are still updating the eggs chart and newer monsters are unavailable until the update.

    • The Doctor

      Pretty certain it’s a mythic blaze. Congrats on your mythic monster!

  • Charley

    I need help, does anyone know what kinda egg this is: it’s all grey with a blue fire like look around it ?

  • The Doctor

    I got a blue egg with a red snow pile on it, with white stars. I am completely lost.

    • Matt

      That kinda sounds like the egg I got with the “Memorial” monster.

      • Rick Stevens

        What did you breed for the memorial egg?

  • Dinoeros

    How to get the flare moster is the fire monster and the electric monster.

  • Kylie

    I have bred an egg. It is a legendary egg, it is gold with a blue gem. I am only level 13 and I have ad that you must be level 22 to get this egg. When I tried to put it in a habitat it says no valid habbitat or something like that. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

  • Keza.Jade

    in reply to Darcy Schiller try breeding a Freeze monster with a Flare monster i got both the frozenflame and the spitfire from this combination

  • john

    hers my problem i had 2 slots in my nursery one had a egg in it somehow it turned pure white and dose not register so now i only have one slot is their any way to fix this

  • Charlie

    After months of nothing and cursing myself for blowing everything on a Light (I did get a light monster fairly quickly), but the Shadow and Legendary Habitats where appearing to be a waste of money (in game, not real money) and more urgently a waste of habitats as I was running out of space to put the new hybrids. I only ever keep 2 each monster, 1 Mythic, 1 Standard, and I was considering selling one but out of the blue out popped a Mythic Shaddow (from mythic flower and mythic mountain) closely follow an egg or 2 later by a Standard Legendary. An Eeriewood, Brimstone, BlackIce rapidly followed the S Legendary and I am now down to about 29-30hrs left to wait for the hatching of my LATEST EGG, it is GOLDEN with a LIGHT BLUE STONE and I believe it to be the much talked about MYTHIC LEGENDARY at long last…… Now to move onto bigger and tougher!?! Monsters!

  • Keza.Jade

    You can also try for a spitfire or a frostember by breeding
    a flower monster with a freeze monster

  • reneè

    What’s the one under the bug egg? I need to know! I have a blue one of these and its driving me crazy not knowing what it is.

    • Teri

      it looks like a frozenflame