Tiny Monsters: Frozenflame Monster

“The seemingly impossible origin of the Frozenflame monster remains a mystery, but it is well known that the saber-toothed creature has a rather warm and playful temperament.” FrozenFlame  Monster Game Description

The Frozenflame monster is a mixture of fire and ice monsters making him a compelling choice for players that love the design. We simply think the Frozenflame is the best monster out of the three releases but that’ll depend on your choice of the design. He is similar to a tiger with elements of fire and ice.

Tiny Monsters Fire Element Tiny Monsters Ice Element

Release Date: April 27, 2012

Hatching Time: 7 Hours
Buying Price: 300Tiny Monsters - Diamonds (Price Varies)
Selling Price:  15,600 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Placement XP: 1740Tiny Monsters - XP
Habitat: Fire, Ice Habitat
Level Requirement: 6
Teen Tuck In Time: 4 Hours
Adult Tuck In Time: 18 Hours

Frozenflame Quest
Hatch a Frozenflame Monster
510Tiny Monsters - XP
1,400Tiny Monsters - Coins

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FrozenFlame Monster breeding guide

To get a Frozenflame Monster use a fire element monster and a ice element monster within your breeding den.

On May 4th 2012, they disabled breeding of the Fire Monster and the Ice Monster directly. You must use Hybrids to breed the frozenflame monster.

Recommended Combination is Cinder Monster and Ice Monster.

FrozenFlame Monster Earnings

Level Earnings
Level 1 12Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 6 56Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 2 13Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 7 69Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 3 19Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 8 80Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 4 30Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 9 85Tiny Monsters - Coins
Level 5 43Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 10 87Tiny Monsters - Coins


FrozenFlame Monster Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Requirement
Level 1 20Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 2 45Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 3 65Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 4 85Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 5 105Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 6 125Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 7 145Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 8 165Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 9 185Tiny Monsters -Food
Level 10 MAXTiny Monsters -Food

Frozenflame Monster Egg & Evolution Pictures

Tiny Monsters Frozenflame evolution screen

  75 Responses to “Tiny Monsters: Frozenflame Monster”

  1. Honestly, I have breeded fire and ice monster several times. And I still only get either fire or ice eggs. The other cross breeds work. I even have that mythic cave too. I don’t know why I never end up with a frozenflame monster.

    • I’m getting the same thing, is this a glitch or am I using the wrong monsters? I’ve tried both adult fire an ice, and adult fire, teen ice.

    • There is no glitch. It’s just that you have to have a cinder monster first.To make one you the fire monster on the left and eart on the right.Then you breed cinder and ice monster.

      • What I did was I bred a teen level 6 cinder and an adult level 10 and got frozen flame first try. It takes seven hours to hatch

    • I bred ice and cinder / magma like 40+ times with no luck. Just Frost & snowbluff. Tried ice and inferno and FINALLY got him on the first try!!!

  2. same problem here. I even got a mythic ice monster after breeding fire and ice…

  3. I cant do it, I've put them on breeding loads of times and its always a ice egg.

  4. Fire and ice give me fire
    Ice and fire give me ice
    How get frozenflame !!? 🙁

    • cinder and ice?
      i kept breeding those 2 and got a ton of frost monsters wich take like 8 hours to bread but i did it today and there making something that takes 14 hours to breed so im hopeing that im getting a frozenflame egg tommarow

    • cinder and ice?
      i kept breeding those 2 and got a ton of frost monsters wich take like 8 hours to bread but i did it today and there making something that takes 14 hours to breed so im hopeing that im getting a frozenflame egg tommarow

    • John Davis If that's the case, then I'm getting a frozenflame monster too on my first try with this combination. Either that or Snowbluff. Don't know how long that takes.

    • Andreas Engh i hope so atleast my brfother has a snow bluff but i dont think it took 14 hours to breed

    • I dont think they disabled the fire and ice breeding i got frozenflame on first try

  5. Well idk if this helps but I got it on my first try… My first monster was a level 10 fire monster and then level 8 Ievel monster

  6. By breeding Cinder and Ice I've already gotten 5 Frost, 1 mythic Frost and 1 snowbluff. Still not getting the frozenflame. So on average how many tries does it take to get a frozenflame?

  7. Umpa Lupa x10

  8. how u breed to get a frozenflame?

  9. My boyfriend got frozenflame the day it came out, by breeding flare and ice first try. But I’ve tried several times and it hasnt worked for me. I always get flare… Which is 14 hrs to wait


  11. It’s hard work I had to try twenty times cinder and ice it’s hard work but does work

  12. Both of them need to be max level

  13. Just bred cinder and ice and got a 15 hour hatch time. Here's hoping!

    • There is no way it’s a frozenflame frozenflame breeding time is 7h if you want a frozenflame just try breeding cinder & frost and if you got a 7h breeding it could be a frozenflame but if you are unlucky you will get cinder * hope it will be useful

    • 7 hours for Frozenflame, 8 hours for Frostember…

  14. wait but how is it even possible to breed ice n fire? I cant breed those 2. well looks like I'll just do cinder n ice.

  15. oh by the way. What happens if we breed frostember with frozenflame?

  16. Just try cinder and frost it Will work

  17. A frozenflame monster takes 7 hours to breed

  18. Just bred a level 6 Cinder with a level 10 Ice and got a 7 hour breeding. Might have a chance for a Frozenflame! (Many confirmed that this combo worked, but it has to be the right levels to breed too.)

  19. I don't get it how are you get it you cant breed fire and ice

    • They disabled direct breeding from the fire and ice element, so you will have to use hybrids of either fire or ice. I’ve tried using Cinder and Ice, but it keeps giving me either Frost or Snowbluff.

  20. Hey people Try teen frost and teen cinder you get frozenflame on the first try but put cinder on the left and frost on the right you should get it first try!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. Got it!!!!!!! Breeding frostember + embershade 😉

  22. I got frostember before frozenflame breeding Ice and Cinder

  23. I’ll try with a fire and a frost and dunno if I’ll get frostember or frozenflame.

  24. What tiny monster takes 12 hours 30 minutes? I just bred a frost and a mythic Fire and it says monsters Will finish breeding in 12:32:52 is it A frozenflame or a frostember?

  25. I’ve been trying to get Frozenflame for months, and I finally got it today.
    Level 10 Cinder(left) and level 10 Frost(right) for Frozenflame.
    Switch it around and get Frostember.

  26. Ok I just hope I get frozen flame the first try. My sister really wants this monster

  27. You cannot breed fire and ice monsters directly anymore because the game makers disabled it on may fourth so you now have to use hybrids.

  28. A better combo is Fire and Frostember. You’ll know in about 5 seconds if you succeeded or not, because you’ll either get a Fire, which you can breed and hatch in like a minute and try again, another Frostember, or a Frozen Flame. I got about 10 Fires with this combination before getting something real. (and 7 of them were Mythic…even though I had no Mythic Luck Boost no clue how that happened.)

    • Tried this. It’s a great theory, but I got a 7hr 59 min egg – Boreal Monster.

      … not sure if I should keep doing this, or try frostember + boreal…

  29. Breed ice and flower,that should land you a frostember (2 points ice, 1 point fire) with patience. From there breed frostember with fire, sit through a few 5 second fire eggs and you’ll land a frozen flame easy.. this theory also works for spitfire, only use burst and water. Its easy, come on people theres an algorithm here, why leave things to chance: here’s how breeding works, you want a monster that is primarily fire, then ice. So you’ll want to use a fire/ice hybrid+regular fire. Let me go into more detail using what I call the point system, the first element type is is the primary (3 points for maximum chance), then there’s a secondary (1 point). Since the fire monster is pure fire, that’s 2 points, and the frostember is 1 point fire, 1 point ice; you land the best chance of getting a frozen flame.

  30. Okay so I finally got frozenflame after weeks of trying various combos. I out mythic fire in the left and tundra in the right. I got a couple of frostembers, flowers, a bug and then finally frozenflame. This combo dos work but you have to keep trying!! Good luck!

  31. Just found the Frozen flame.

    Fire monster lvl 10 on the left….. frost ember monster lvl 8 on the right.
    I am on lvl 36.

  32. I tried flower and ice and it worked.. but then again, i'm using the Android version, hope that doesn't make a difference.

  33. I got a frostember by teen flower Monster and an adult ice monster and I got frozenflame using teen frost and adult fire first time I got magma then I got frozenflame …bit like weird but I have:flower.ice.fire.mythic fire.magma.mythic magma.frost.earth.plant.electric.frostember.frozenflame.tundra.tree
    That’s all what I got

  34. Finally got it with fire and frost ember it took me 8 tries 1 burst 6 fire and 1 mythic frozenflame .

  35. I tried Fire (left) & Frostember (right) around 20 times… eventually swapped them around; Frostember (left) & Fire (right) and now have a 7hr breeding time, so looks like I finally got Frozenflame.

  36. I FINALLY got Frozenflame after breeding Ice & Inferno. Tried Ice & Cinder or Magma over 40 times with no luck. Got him on the first try with Ice & Inferno! 🙂

  37. I have breed cinder and frost and got something with a 26hr breeding time not a clue what this could be ……ideas?

  38. A for sure way to hatch a frozen flame monster is to breed a frostember monster with a ice monster

  39. I have tried cinder and ice 2 times and then i got 2 airs which took 52 hrs altogether and i have tried frostember and fire and i got 10 fires and 1 frostember i seem to get no luck on getting frozenflame

  40. Got it with lv.10 bug left and lv.10 ice

  41. I FINALLY got a frozenflame by breeding a mythic fire on the left with a mythic frostmember. I've been reading a lot of posts on this monster and have been trying to get him for a month. I think you have to use a mythic on both sides and one has to be fire.

  42. Flower and ice

  43. I keep getting the frostember monster….


  45. I can get a Mythic Legendary but I can’t get a Frozenflame??? I have tried every combination and every suggestion numerous times.
    I am about to give up on this game 🙁
    What am I missing?

  46. Breed a frostember with a normal flame monster and you should get tilt that’s what I
    Did and I got 34 of them

  47. I bred a Cinder Monster and a Frost monster and got it on my second try. I think they skip an important factor, you have to make sure your Frost is level 10 and your Cinder is level 6 hope that helps ^^

  48. por mas que le hago no me sale ya me desespero Frozenflame soy nivel 26 y no me sale 🙁

  49. I get it with frostember and fire monster trying to get mithic fire monster

  50. breed a lvl 10 mythic fire with teen boreal. got frozen flame first time. if you dont have a mythic fire, then breed 2 regular fires to get mythic.

  51. I got it after about a week of legit trying with a lvl. 10 Cinder and a lvl. 10 Ice!!!!!! I have tries all other combo for this to work on the first try.

  52. I just bred cinder and ice and got 9 hour hatching time. Wtf is that?

  53. I bread a level 5 magma monster and and a level 5 ice monster. I got frozenflame on the first try!!!!! I guess i was just lucky! Very lucky!! I am surprised that i didn’t get frost or snowbluff. My egg is hatching right now! By!! 🙂

  54. Just do teen or adult cinder and teen or adult frost it works every single time it’s never fails for me because i just got one yesterday with this combo

  55. Got the Frozenflame in first try by breeding Origin (left) with Frost (right). Both monsters were level 10. 🙂

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