Tiny Monsters: Light Monster


Who would have guess that they would release a Light Monster for Tiny Monsters after releasing the Shadow element Monster? We certainly didn’t expect it but this Light Monster is absolutely amazing! Just take some time to look at this Light Monster then you know that the creators of Tiny Monsters are definitely working hard to give you better designs and better monsters.

This “Light Monster” sparks the brand new class of element called “Light Elements”, at this moment, there are no cross-breeding for light monsters to produce other light monsters but could it be possible in the future? Only time will tell but this light monster is truly amazing for anyone’s Tiny Monsters mountaintop.

If you want to breed this light element monster then know that it is extremely similar to the Shadow Monster. In fact, you may even find yourself getting the light monster while getting the Shadow Monster. The creators have made it clear on their information screen that you need to use hybrids to get the light monster and its definitely one of those things you want to be breeding around until you get this legendary beast.

On the side, this light monster is extremely cheap even for purchase, priced at 95 diamonds its definitely worth your diamonds. The breeding time is also another great factor as the light monster is only 5 hours. As we are seeing more new monsters with better quality, and lower breeding times who wouldn’t want to play Tiny Monsters? It’s just totally awesome!

“Captain Phineas Alexander was astounded when the majestic light monster was first discovered in the harsh Searing Dunes. This graceful creature hunts in a peculiar way, using its shiny tail-like appendages to blind its prey when spotted. This tactic was also used to escape adventurers, leading Alexander to order several crates of sunshades for future expeditions.” -Light Monster Game Description

 Tiny Monster Light element

Tiny Monsters Light Monster Baby

Release Date: June 21 2012
Breeding Time: 5 Hours
Hatching Time: 5 Hours
Buying Price: 95Tiny Monsters - Diamonds
Selling Price: 750 Tiny Monsters - Coins
Habitat: Light Habitat
Unlock Level: 32
 Tuck In Time:  3 Hours
 Tuck In Time: 10 hours

Light Monster Evolution

If you want to evolve your Light Monster then be sure to level your Light Monster to level 5 for a teen Light Monster then level the Light Monster to level 8 for the adult form.

Light Monster breeding guide

You can purchase the Light Monster in the market. You can breed the Light Monster using almost any two hybrid, one confirmed combination is Mountain Monster and a Flower Monster.

Important Notes: There is no single combination for breeding the Light Monster. It is completely by chance with hybrid monsters like the Legendary Monster, Shadow Monster, and Air Monster. You are advise to continue to breed for other monsters using Hybrids giving you a chance to get this Light Monster. Regardless, you need to be at least level 32 to be able to place the Light Monster into the Light Habitat.

Tiny Monsters screen hint: Breed Any two Hybrid …

Light Monster Earnings

Level Earnings
Level 1 17Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 6  55
Level 2  25 Level 7  63
Level 3  33 Level 8  71
Level 4  40 Level 9  78
Level 5  48 Level 10  88


Light Monster Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Level Food
Level 1 430Tiny Monsters -Food Level 6  2585
Level 2  865 Level 7  3015
Level 3  1295 Level 8  3445
Level 4  1725 Level 9  3875
Level 5  2155 Level 10 Tiny Monsters -Food


Tiny Monsters Light Monster Evolution Pictures

Tiny Monsters Light Monster BabyTiny Monsters Light Monster eggTiny Monsters Light Monster adult full


  • connor

    this morning I bred a flower and a mountain monster when I was trying to get a legendary monsters and I looked at the breading time and it said 5hr do you think it could be a light monster?

    • le me

      might be a tree/mountain aswell

    • Dragongirl

      No if it says five hours that could be a flower bug magma monster

  • connor

    and it said that you discovored a mythic! (mythic cave) OMG

    • Madeleine

      That’S because you’ve not leveled up enought

  • Waggel

    I got one breeding a Mountain monster with a Flurry Monster. Was trying for a Shadow Monster, but this one is also cool

    • robert

      I bread the mountain and flurry and got the legendary monster

      • Garner

        I have gotten Legendary with adult Frost and adult Flower.All the elements are different!

  • Ricky

    It says on this website that you need to be level 26, not 32

    • Jade

      im confused is it 32 or 26?

      • Madeleine

        The light monster is avalible in lvl 26, but
        you can’t use it until lvl 32 when the habitant
        comes! 🙂

      • Dragongirl

        Iv had 2! Legendary monsters before but i sold my legecy and i cried… For a few hours….

        • Kohdai

          If you wrote an article about life we’d all reach enleihtenmgnt.

  • Mlk

    Could be magma.

    • Mlk

      Ack. That was a reply to Connors first question.

  • Cindi

    I have tried all kinds of Mountain and Flower combos since I have an adult & teen mountain and a teen flower and adult mythic flower. I have gotten Tree 3-4 times. Windstone twice now, a hybrid plant, and a mountain. left-right-teen-mythic-adult-all combos and I cant get it. Im at level 35!!

  • Jade

    Does anyone know how to breed the Frozenflame monster im at level 21 and i can’t get it

    • Haydan

      Dude use flower and Ice, or , fire and frost 😀 4 times in a row

  • Adrian Salim

    You can get Frozenflame by breed a Mythic Stike n’ Spark…
    I got it at first try..

  • Anna

    how do you get an air monster?

    • Dragongirl

      I know you might have it by now but guess what breed mountain with flower TONS of times you will either get a legendary tree mountain bug flower cinder or magma after i told you TONS you will ONLY get air monsters. My first air monster was mythic GOOD LUCK!

    • Garner

      You can also do fire and water! It’s so easy!

  • Austin

    I’ve been trying to get the light monster for a couple weeks now and none of the combinations I’ve used have work and I’ve gotten 2 legendary monsters from breeding the mountain and flower monster.

    • Haydan

      Yerthats it’s combo

    • Haydan

      Try freeze monster with flare monster

  • le me

    well, I was only level 20, (no light habitat yet) then I bred mythic fire w/ air… was hoping for flamegust, then a wild 5 hr. breeding time appears

  • le me

    first time, m. fire w/ air

  • Vicki

    Finally got a Light monster with adult Magma on the left and teen Icefloe on the right! Wahoo!!

  • Emanuel

    Sporespoke and vapor got me light. If you combine those two and get a 5 hr breed time. It’s got to be light.

  • Dornozmu

    Adult Flurry + Adult Aquaveil = Light
    Android OS.

  • Cecilie

    I’m lvl 18 and apparently able to breed the light monster(duh, it’s in my hatching area)…
    But i’m unable to buy the light habitat as it seems i gotta be lvl 32 for that!?
    What should i do? I don’t want to sell it as i don’t even know how i did it.

    • Haydan

      Keep it

  • Mike

    I am a level 15 and just received a mythic light monster ready to hatch but no place 2 put it :'(

  • Lucy

    I am only at level 16….I used my tree and mountain and got a light…..hasnt hatched yet…but yeah thats how i got it

  • Mike

    Yeah, I got the light monster waiting to hatch, problem is I’m a level 17! Can special hold anything? or do I really have to wait till 32?

    • asteri81

      I’m in level 37and I bred a mountain and a flower as recommended and for the 3rd time, a magma monster hatched. I also tried a earth with a thunder and nothing. This sux. Please any other suggestions.

      • Fran Shoobridge


        After breeding unsucessfully different attempts with bug/flower, cinder/frost, tree/flower I stuck with Mountain/flower and FINALLY after three attempts got the light monster, I would stay with this formula since others I have used gave me 26 hrs of breed time whereas with mountain/flower you get shorter breed times if you do not get light in the beginning, good luck!!!

  • teliowens

    Breed the flower and ice monsters to get frozenflame

  • Awesome107

    You can breed any bird fire and the spark

  • Alexkathryn

    How do you get a light monster without using flower and mountain? I have flower but not mountain:/

  • Bella

    Lvl 10 flower left and lvl 10 mountain right; I got a lot of different monsters with this combo. Several airs a couple of blushbug finally got 2 legendary

  • Matthew

    I just got one on my 4th attempt. AWESOME! Lol.

  • Young Wolf

    So… I have got legendary, shadow, and light with this combo: bug ( lvl 10 left ) and flower ( lvl 10 right ) lol neither were mythic hope this helps!

  • FiMerk

    Got it 2nd try with Flower (Lv10) and Mountain (Lv10).

  • Mustafa

    How do you get light I tried tree/flower and got legendary magma/got shadow but never got light but I did try out mountain/flower I got tree,flower,mountain

  • Mustafa

    Magma and tree

  • Carmen

    This morning I bred mythic tree with mythic flower and got a five hours time can it really be

  • Minime

    I started trying with a teen Love and a teen Luck…. I had no luck so I tried all the other combinations and still had no luck… So just 10 hours ago I tried my first combo again, the teen Love and teen Luck. And BAM!!! I got my first light so I bred again and sped it up because it ended up breeding a Shadow so I tried one more time and I have gotten another light. So my advice is if the combo doesn’t work the first time, just try all the others and come back to your original combo… You just might get as lucky as me.. 🙂

  • Tveshkitty

    Okay woah so I reached Level 32 yesterday and I’ve been trying to get the light monster by breeding Bug and Flower. I saw this and tried Mountain and Flower hoping for 5 hours but it’s 34 hours. Do you think it’s a legendary?