Tiny Monsters: Lighthorn Monster


The Lighthorn Monster for Tiny Monsters is an amazing new breed! It combines the super rare elements of Light and Shadow to make this Lighthorn monster for Tiny Monsters mountaintops.

Lighthorn Monsters looks like the Flare Monster except it has a horn coming out of  its head much like a unicorn monster. The Lighthorn is special because the monster is able to evolve into one of two monsters, either the Goldenhorn Monster or the Shadowmare Monster. These two monsters are both different because it features either light or shadow.

“A rare and magical creature, the Lighthorn Monster can be spotted more frequently in the pages of fairy tales than the landscape of Monster Mountain. Legend tells that Lighthorn Monsters were once the prized companions of royalty. Depending on their upbringing, diet, and personalities, Lighthorn Monsters will evolve with a Light or Shadow leaning. ” -Lighthorn Monster Game Description

 Tiny-MonstersShadowTiny Monster Light element

Tiny Monsters Lighthorn Monster icon

Release Date: Sept 6, 2012

Hatching Time: 12 Hours
Buying Price: 375Tiny Monsters - Diamonds(varies)
Selling Price: 1800Tiny Monsters - Coins
Habitat: Light or Shadow
Level Requirement: 14

 Tuck In Time:  5 Hours

 Tuck In Time: 13 hours

Lighthorn Monster Breeding guide

To breed a Lighthorn Monster you must use a Shadow element monster with a Light Element monster for a chance to breed this monster for Tiny Monsters.

The most recommended breeding combination for breeding the monster is using a Light Monster and a Shadow Monster for a chance to get the Lighthorn Monster.

Unfortunately they’ve disabled the direct breeding of Light and Shadow.

The most recommended breeding combination for breeding the monster is using a Light-hybrid Monster and a Shadow-hybrid Monster for a chance to get the Lighthorn Monster.

For example:

  • Shadow Monster + Goldstone Monster
  • Light Monster and Blackice Monster

Keep in mind that breeding the monsters left or right will not affect the breeding process. The level of your monsters also will not affect the breeding rates. It is up to your game for a chance to get the monster for your mountaintop.


If you want to evolve your monster then be sure to level your Lighthorn Monster to level 5, this can be done through feeding your monster food and as you feel it, it will grow. Once it reaches the teen level you will get a different form but if you want to reach its maximum form you need to continue to breed the monster until level 8 for the adult form.

Special Note* Evolving the Lighthorn into its adult form will allow you to evolve into a Goldenhorn Monster or a Shadowmare Monster for your Tiny Monsters mountaintop.

Lighthorn Monster Earnings

Level Earnings
Level 1 13Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 6 28
Level 2  14 Level 7 38
Level 3  15 Level 8
Level 4 17 Level 9
Level 5 21 Level 10 Tiny Monsters - Coins

Lighthorn Monster Food Chart

Level Food Level Food
Level 1 470Tiny Monsters -Food Level 6  2825
Level 2  945 Level 7  3295
Level 3  1415 Level 8
Level 4  1885 Level 9
Level 5  2355 Level 10 Tiny Monsters -Food


Tiny Monsters Evolution Pictures

Tiny Monsters - Lighthorn Splash ScreenTiny Monsters Lighthorn Monster Egg

  12 Responses to “Tiny Monsters: Lighthorn Monster”

  1. I got a 18 hour breeding time ?

  2. I bred shadow and light and got 25 hours? Legendary or lighthorn or ..?

  3. Got it with eeriewood and light

  4. Can’t combine the light and shadow monster? Nor the light or any shadow hybrids? Help? haha.

  5. I said the same thing this morning, it will not let u breed light & shadow. I got it on the first time with Soar & Shadow!!!

  6. First time sonar and light 😀 eeeehaaaayyyy!!

  7. I was trying for Goldstone with breeding with brimstone an left, light on right and got a lighthorn instead, think will save it though since I already have a shadowmare, now will probably try the other evolution Goldenhorn!!!

  8. Got it with Eriewood and Sun

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