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The Merry Monster in Tiny Monster was introduced on December 20th 2012 as part of Tiny Monsters Christmas holiday monster and is only available for a limited time.

If you haven’t seen the Monster then know that it features a very delicious monster. This monster only has two elements, which is ice and fire, so veteran players will know that this monster is called a hybrid monster in their game.

“At the end of every year, a special Holiday miracle occurs in monster nurseries: the possibility of hatching the Merry Monster! Universally lauded as the sweetest monster, Merry Monsters are gentle and mild-mannered, often preferring to live in homes made from gingerbread.” Game Description

Tiny Monsters Ice ElementTiny Monsters Fire Element

Tiny Monsters Merry Monster icon

Release Date: December 20th 2012

Breeding Time: 9 Hours

Hatching Time: 9 Hours
Selling Price:  5250Tiny Monsters - Coins
Habitat: Ice/Fire


 Tuck In Time: 4 Hours

 Tuck In Time: 18 Hours


Tiny Monsters Merry Monster egg

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Tiny Monsters: Key Features

  • Christmas Monster is here!
  • Mistletoe Design!
  • Ice/fire Elements
  • Ice/fire Habitat placement
  • 9 hours breeding/ hatching time

Merry Monster breeding guide

The Merry Monster is a Ice element monster. To breed the Merry Monster, you need to use an Tundra Monster and the Fire Monster.

Other combinations include

  • Frost Monster + Fire Monster
  • Frozenflame Monster + Fire Monster
  • Frozenflame  Monster + Ice Monster
  • Frostember Monster + Fire Monster
  • Frostember Monster + Ice Monster
  • Silk Monster + Fire Monster
  • Snowbluff Monster + Fire Monster

The breeding time is 9 hours and you’ll get a mistletoe egg that looks like a mistletoe. You can place the Merry monster into any Ice or Fire habitat.

Keep in mind the breeding left or right does not matter, it takes time to breed certain monster and it is up to your game to be able to breed for this Merry Monster. The Level of your monster also does not matter.

Merry Monster Evolution

If you want to evolve your Merry Monster then be sure to level your Merry Monster to level 5 for a teen Merry Monster then level the Merry Monster to level 8 for the adult form.

Please keep in mind to evolve your monsters, you must use the dream room and each time you use the dream room there will be a different tuck in time that you need to wait out in order for your monster to evolve.

Merry Monster Earnings

Level Earnings
Level 1 7Tiny Monsters - Coins Level 6  38
Level 2  13 Level 7  43
Level 3  20 Level 8  46
Level 4  26 Level 9  48
Level 5  33 Level 10  49

Merry Monster Food/Feed Amount Chart

Level Food Level Food
Level 1  45 Level 6  275
Level 2  95 Level 7  320
Level 3  140 Level 8  365
Level 4  185 Level 9  410
Level 5  230 Level 10 Tiny Monsters -Food

Evolution Chart

Egg Baby
 Tiny Monsters Merry Monster egg  Tiny Monsters Merry Monster icon
Teen Adult
 Tiny Monsters Merry Monster Teen  Tiny Monsters Merry Monster Adult

  5 Responses to “Tiny Monsters: Merry Monster”

  1. I got it on the first try by breeding ice + plant 🙂

  2. I got it the first go too. I breed Fire + Iceflare

  3. Until when can you breed the Merry monster?

    • I dont know but they will be gone soon I did teen frozenflame monster and adult fire monster and I got a mythic merry monster

  4. I got a merry monster mythic egg? i I be getting monster mythic eggs for some of my monsters!!

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